Well it’s certainly been a while since I’ve updated this little blog. Life has come after me with a vengeance. So fast paced I can’t seem to stay up to date. Let me tell you what’s going on so you get a some what of an idea.

I not only write but I’ve taken up quilting and embroidery. Machine embroidery and I’m learning both. I belong to three (oh how did I manage that?) block of the month groups. So I need to make sure my block is done by the next meeting so I can say, “See, teacher, I did do my homework!”

quilt block at scrappy'sI must take some more pictures as this is the first one I made (with a lot of help I might add).

Critique writing groups help me with my writing and I do belong to three of them. Believe me I need all the help I can get to get my sentences structured correctly, dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Oh where would I be without them–on Monday morning it’s Writing For Him located at the Converse library from 9:30 to 11;30 a.m. Monday evening it’s Christian Writers Group at First Baptist Church in Universal City from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Then on Tues evening from 6 to 8 p.m. it’s the Hill Country Writers Group at the Mammen Family Public Library in Bulverde.

Should I go on, oh yes, Cibolo now has a Historical Committee for the city and I, along with a few others of the city, are on it. WHEW, I’m going to quit and get on to other things.

Ireland in the Killarney National Park house

Hubby and I went on a BIG adventure to Ireland along with twenty other couples from our church. Oh, my goodness, I want to go back already. I’ve taken up enough time on this blog so I will continue with another and talk only about the trip of a lifetime. Do hope you consider going to Ireland in the future.

Until then my friend………………………..


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As you can tell I’ve been quite busy. It’s been a month since my last blog. So here it is. My book in print.

Stranger Book Cover Final large printHow I found my biological father. And yes, all in all it took me close to fifty (50) years all together. That was from writing letters to down and out DNA!!!

Oh, but the mysteries I found along the way. Reads like a novel. Well, yes, it is a must read.

Today I’m finishing The History of Cibolo by adding the index page numbers. So watch for it.   Cibolo History Book Cover Final Feb 2019

And now that it is finally turning warm outside I will be cleaning up the winter’s scourge on the yard. Dirty fingers here we come! But, what beautiful surprises come with the budding of flowers and watching the bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

So until then my friend………….…………….

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As if I didn’t have enough things I’m doing I’ve decided to join a BOM (Block of the Month) club. If you aren’t sure of what that is, it is joining a group of ladies at a quilt shop and signing up to make a quilt one block at a time. That is what you receive each month, the pattern for that block plus the material for just that block. Next month you get the same. Then you buy all the stuff (material) to finish the quilt off.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? And I’m asking myself “What were you thinking, you’ve joined three of these BOM’s.”

The first one, a mystery quilt, has been very easy. quilt block at scrappy's

I’m still working on the first month’s on my second quilt, the pattern wasn’t easy to read. At least for me. And I’m a writer, go figure. The third one has been so so.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Now for the book progress. Cover is ready to go just waiting for my proof before ordering copies for the public. Stranger Book Cover Final large print

Second book cover is finished ‘History of Cibolo, The Early Years’ and waiting for last minute details before ordering proof. WHEW! Cibolo History Book Cover Final Feb 2019

So this is what I’ve been up to recently, plus the usual meetings, and living. My plate is full, just like everyone else’s.

Have a great day and until then………………………………….


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Looks like I’ve failed the test. Yes, the test to keep my blog up to date. Last year was a killer and I don’t know where the time went. So here it is February 2019 and where am I.

First–as some may know my son passed away suddenly in Aug 2018 and that hit me hard. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so I am here to say hug your loved one every day because you don’t know from now to the next minute what will happen.                         IMG_2148

Second–My husband and I had planned a road trip before our son’s passing so after his funeral we came home and proceeded to pack our car and left for the west coast. What a wonderful trip and time together with the hubby. Loved every minute of it. We saw so much of the country starting out in Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and back to Texas. I even relived part of my trip to California with my mother when we traveled along Route 66 in Arizona. Some of the sights I remembered and some I did not. When I told my brother about it, he remembered different scenario’s. That is okay as we don’t all share the same memories.                                                             Needles CA 2018

Three–I thought my book was finished but my friend, editor, and publishing buddy said I needed to take another took at it. I had two books in one. She was right. I value her opinion and she was correct. So I proceeded to work on my how to book “The Stranger in the Polka Dot Tie” How I Found My Father.

Four–Yes, the book is finished and in the hands of our formatter. Now I’m trying to set up book signing dates, put together the second book, and get our taxes together for the hubby. Whew.

So now it’s back to work and moving forward.  Until then my friend…………………..

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My but Christmas is approaching so quickly. I must of blinked but ever so fast for the day is sliding closer and closer. Before you know it the jolly old man will be flying through the sky and delivering all those gifts each and every one of us has requested.

wrapped presents

I’m really behind, as usual. I have my card list handy but no cards available. Not a one purchased. I did get all my devotional books hand delivered and mailed out. Doesn’t that count?

My children are all grown with families of their own. Most of the grands are old enough now they don’t want kiddie toys. They want all the bells and whistles of the technical age. I still look at the cute dolls, dishes, games, and tinker toys. Do kids really play with that now? I have a few great grands, but they live so far away it’s easier to send a check or gift card.

My idea of this year’s Christmas goes like this: Thank you Father for bringing me to this grand ole’ age and being able to still get around as well as I do. Thank you for the ability of being able to help others when I can. Thank you also for Your love and mercy. Thank you for always being there to listen to my complaining, crying, and just listening to my anguish when things are not going like I want them to.

Most of all Lord, Thank You for my most wonderful husband who stands beside me, listens to my concerns, who never puts me down, and is always there for a hug and kiss to make me feel better.hugging my man

Oh Father, thank you for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Never in my wild imagination would I have ever thought my family would grown this large. Sometimes I wished I could get them all together in one spot and fellowship from sun up to sun down. To laugh together and tell stories of old.

One more thing Lord, thank you for my siblings. We don’t get to choose them but I’ve been blessed with the ones I have. Thank you for the many friends you’ve bestowed upon me. I know I can go to them for help if needed and they will be there. Thank you.

I wish I could name each and every one of my friends but you know who you are. You are there when I ask for prayer or even if I just need someone to sit with me. Thank you.

Oh but I’ve gone on and on. I only wanted to say THANK YOU…MY SAUCER IS FULL.

Until then……………..…………..


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Oh my but it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. My son’s passing has left a big void in my life. It hasn’t been just that but, with two unexpected trips for him, then taking my hubby on a three-week, planned, road trip, well, all I can say I’m tired. On top of that hubs was called back to work for sixty days. Did I say I was tired?

Needles CA 2018Needles, California. Town hasn’t changed much since the 70’s.

Our trip was wonderful. We did what everyone says they are going to do. We took that unexpected trip off the road because we wanted to see where it was going to lead us. I highly recommend doing that at least once in your life. We stopped to visit children and grands plus my brother and his family. It was all worth the trip and the weather was perfect.                             the bear protector 2018 stockbridge, ma 2018This bear was standing guard in the Berkshires. First time there and I want to go back!

I can’t believe I’ve traveled so much this year. No wonder I haven’t finished my projects. I did go to a wonderful writers conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I love the area. The lake is beautiful and serene. Lake Coeur d'Alene So, all right with all the talk. I’m getting down off the soapbox and get to work. Well, one more thing,  I did sneak a week in there to be with girlfriends for our annual craft get away. I’m learning to quilt. Wish me luck!

Until then my friend……………………

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It is with a sad heart I write this post today. So much has happened since my last blog but I must get on with life. My first born, my son, passed away on August 8, 2018. My heart aches but I know I will see him again.

Stephen Michael Sanders 6 mos oldThis is Stephen at six months old, my favorite picture of him. I’d entered him in a baby contest at the Grant store. He won second place. His smile was always so sincere and inviting. Those blue eyes twinkled.

A typical boy, getting into trouble, having to wash his mouth out with soap when I heard a few words spouted that were not quite up to par. As he grew older he became my rock. He was always there to help me, no matter what it was I needed. When I wanted to learn how to can he was there cleaning the jars, stirring the pot, and helping me put each jar in the pressure cooker to finish the process.

He rode his Shetland pony out one day with his sister and while I was in the yard doing a few chores the horse came racing in and heading for the barn. No riders! No saddle! I became frantic as I didn’t know where to begin looking. Fortunately by the time I saddled my horse and started out the gate here came Stephen with his sister, walking, carrying the saddle and both as red as a beet; perhaps from the heat, or so I thought. When he told me what they had done I really got concerned. It seems they found a bees nest and decided to stop, get off the horse, and throw rocks at the nest. You know the rest of the story. Only, Stephen had been stung multiple times. He never got sick but from that time on he was highly allergic to bees!

There was football in Junior High School and High School. His rock collection he valued. Steve played the trombone and loved music. In his later years, my pack rack, collected all kinds of musical instruments. Not only was he interested in music he was much like me, wanting to know more about his ancestors. I’d given him most all of his pictures and he treasured them along with pictures other family members gave him. As far as I know he kept them in a suitcase so he could talk about the many pictures and show them off.

I suppose I could go on and on with cute stories, concerning stories, or even sad stories, but no matter how many stories I can sit here and tell they will never bring him back. So to all those who knew him remember the good times you had together. Cherish the time you have with your children. If you are free and near San Bernardino, CA on 6 September 2018 stop by the Highland Baptist Temple for his memorial service.

Rest In Peace, my son. I love you.


Stephen's Memorial Svs

Until then my friend………………….

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It’s another hot one outside again today. Supposed to be over 100 again! So here I am trying to clean office of unnecessary paper. I started with one of the stacks I was working on when I was trying to figure out who my biological father was. At first, I didn’t recognize any names so I started to tear it in half and toss it. Something told me to wait a minute and really take a good look at it. Oh my goodness, so glad I did. It was my CARR ancestry line.

genealogy pagesgenealogy books

Five hours later I’m still working on it. There is so much information on Ancestry. People have shared their information plus actual documents. What a gold mine. Like I’ve said before I want the paper trail to prove my connection. Now I have another book to put together to sit on my shelf.

When I found my George Carr, who married Elizabeth Oliver, the children were listed. As I went down the list one caught my eye, Mary b. 24 Feb 1651/2, she married James Bailey the first minister in Danvers, Massachusetts. Mary is connected to the Salem witch trials. Mary’s youngest sister, Ann,  married Thomas Putnum. Their youngest daughter, Ann, was one of the most active “afflicted children”. So, now I really need to dig deeper here.

On my BARNES side of the family one of my earliest Barnes’s wife was hung for being a witch. Now to put all of this together, a double connection. The New England Genealogical Historical Society has a book right now they are selling, and it’s all about the Salem Witch Trials. I just might have to invest in it.

Did I also mention my husband and I are related through out Bradstreet line and now it looks like we are related through our Richardson line. All from in and around New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Anyway, back to my CARR history. If all is correct I am a descendent of Sir William Kirkaldy of Grange (10 Baron of Ferniehirst Castle) Carr/Kerr 1542-1655. They came from Scotland. Who knew? He married Mary Ann Clifford 1573-1610. More digging to make sure I’m correct on this. Busy, busy day but worth it.

Until then my friend………….

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With another writing retreat behind me I am ready to get down to business. I’m still walking on air. I was privileged to study under Brandilyn Collins who writes Seatbelt Suspense. Yes, she is my favorite author. I think I learned a lot and I’m ready to put it to use.

ID and lake 2018

I arrived at her beautiful home in Idaho on a Friday night eager to meet the other eleven ladies I would be sharing my evening with. Dinner was prepared and what better way to relax and have fellowship.

Fantastic Fiction Retreat 2018[10270]

After dinner Brandilyn gave us an overview from her book “Getting Into Character”, which she would be using Friday and Saturday.  I highly recommend the book as I learned there is a lot more that goes into building your characters, not just physical features.

Brandilyn teaching Jun 2018Not only did I learn about in depth building of my characters, I made new writing friends. We all have the same goal, to write the stories buried deep in our minds. Stories we’ve carried around but now we are ready to put them on paper for the world to read. Well that sounds scary, maybe even intimidating. The whole world is ready to read. Letting go of a little bit of ourselves.

Fantistic Fiction with Brandilyn 2018 IILike I said, I’m ready to build my character from the inside out. Brandilyn, thank you for your ministry to help other writers. There are other authors out there that are ready to help a struggling writer. If you are looking for one find out if there is a critique group in your town. The American Christian Fiction Writers is another group to belong to. So many authors willing to help. I could go on and on about different groups and all you have to do is google writing critique groups or Christian writing groups. Guess I’ll get off my soapbox now and start building my protagonist.

Until then my friend…………………..


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So, okay, here it is. I’m busy! Or at least I think I am. I’ve noticed my blog hasn’t been updated since April. What have I been doing?

I finished my memoir and DNA book, or rather I finished it but my editor (I love her and she is correct) said break it out into two books. It will be better. So I laid it aside because I am helping another friend polishing another book “The History of Cibolo”. Funny, I thought I could two things at the same time! After all aren’t women able to multi-task? At this point, no. So, here I am finishing the history book all the way to the end…

If that isn’t enough hubby and I took a wonderful and much needed week in New England. We were supposed to go last year but rescheduled because I went to the unveiling of the historical marker for Indian Kate in Illinois. I really wouldn’t have missed that. I think I’m part of the family now…

Let’s get back to the coast line of Maine. Bar Harbor to be exact. I’ve been wanting to go so hubby took me. I must say we both enjoyed the rocky shore line, the water, and the Trip sailing ship at bar harbor (3)weather was made just for us.

The tallest mountain on the New England coast is Cadillac Mountain. We drove to the top and got out and walked to the highest rock point. I was able to see all the way around the island plus all the islands surrounding Bar Harbor. It was absolutely breath taking.

We also spent some time in the Berkshires. All my life I’ve heard about the Berkshires and now I was here. Staying three nights and four days. Again the weather was perfect. Cold, but perfect. Yes, I had to buy a sweatshirt. That’s just the way it is. I get cold easy.

 Trip the moose and me MEGet a load of my friend here. This was the only Moose I saw, well, except for the chocolate moose at the candy shop in Scarborough, Massachusetts. I bought a box of truffles there. Yummm.

Now I’m a west coast girl and I love my lattes, especially going to the drive up coffee huts. Well look what I found in Ellsworth, Maine. And the latte was great!Trip drive through coffee shop ME (2)

I know I’ve rambled again but I did want to share my trip with everyone. Just to let you know what has been keeping me busy. Today I made more progress on the revisions for the history book. Slowly but surely it will all come together. It is not my timing but God’s timing. See, I’m learning patience too.

Until then my friends…………..

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