I think I need to hurry up and get these posts up to date so I can be ready to tell you about my latest adventure. So here goes.

Same day after the castle Colette asked us if we wanted to go on the small island in the late to see the monastery ruins. Of course everyone said yes. She says then make sure you are dressed warm as it is on open boat that can get to the island—the closed boat can’t get that close to it. Okay, I’m thinking a good sized boat with all of us on it. WRONG! It was four small fishing boats with ten people in each boat. A challenge to get into and out! I’m not as young as I used to be and definitely not as limber. But I did it, aching hip and all. We got out on the island to see the ruins then back in our little fishing boats, life jackets on and back to dock! At least it didn’t rain on us. Turned out to be a nice day after all. Came back to hotel to get ready for dinner. Yes, we have to have our meals to be able to keep our strength up for all these excursions. We had dinner at hotel, six went to the Flesk and 13 went to the Trevare. Each of us had different tastes tonight.

David and Kathleen joined us. The guys had roasted lamb while Kathleen and I had cottage pie. Much like Sheppard’s pie. Very good. Three of us had the cheesecake for desert and Kathleen had apple crumble. I had hot coffee with whisky with my desert.

Back to room, took shower and washed my hair to be ready for morning.

Good Night

Until then my friend…………………………


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