I like to write historical fiction about our ancestors, mainly mine.  They carved our lives when they came to America, headed west, and settled the land.

My main objective is to retrace their steps, see where they lived, get a glimpse of their lives through old documents, pictures, and letters, then sharing with others.

Follow me as I tromp through old cemeteries, read obits, and dig up stories about lives that have gone before me.  Who knows, you may run across one of your ancestors along the way!

2 Responses to JOURNEY THROUGH OUR BRANCHES —–finding our roots

  1. lydia salinas says:

    hi my name is Lydia Deleon Salinas, I happened to come by your site threw searching the web . I’m trying to locate my grandmothers bloodline family roots .my grandmother past away in 2009 and I don’t know very much about her back ground of her childhood roots .I know that she was born in san Antonio tx. . I was told that she was kidnaped at the age of 12 by a Hispanic older man ,she had 2 children by him, a boy and a girl and that’s where my father comes into the picture. Mario de Leon( his last names was given by adoption ) my father never told us about his biological fathers real name so I have no knowledge of his roots . his stepfather’s name was Blass Deleon his parents were (Blass sr. De Léon and mother was salliedonia González De Léon ) .I was also told that my grandmother was helped by a family when she told them about how she was taken from her family and how the kidnapper threaten to kill her and her parents if she tried to escape so some how this family was able to hide her and giver her a safe haven .poor grandmother she was so young !! having children .well I’ve said all this in hops to see if u can help me with information in how to lookup free public info. About her roots she is descendant of an Indian tribe from san Antonio, I just don’t know of that tribe .I do have her dob and her parents names I’ll e-mail u the dates a.s.a u reply me back . please let me know if u can help in anyway I would appreciate it very much !! sincerely Lydia D. Salinas

    • Hi Lydia
      You have a very interesting story here. I’m not sure how much help I can give you but I will try.
      Free sites are:—–www.cyndi‘s list — libraries that have a genealogy dept.
      people in the genealogy departments usually are volunteers but are very helpful. If you are close to a
      genealogy society they will help you also (again volunteers)
      I can try to help you and see what I come up with. You can e-mail me at
      Have you read any of my information about myself and how I found my lineage on my other blog (which I
      have stopped using but info is till there) at

      Send me info and let me see what I can do.

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