SURNAMES–Abbey,Barnes,Bower,Brockett,Burlingame,Carr, Clark,Cirac,Cole,Davis,Eibert,Eisentrager,Ferguson,Green,Hayes,Holtzclaw,Jones, Kidd,Kinsel,Knowles,Lumley, Lyle,Mayfield,McCorkle,Orvis,Sokora,Spradlin,Stoddard,Surface,Valentine,Vitelle,Warner,Wood,

Barnes, Thomas b. abt. 1615 Essex Co, England  d. 1688 CT  m. Mary Andrews 1662 CT  Mary Brockett 1648

Barnes, Ebenezer b. 1675 CT   d. 1756 CT  m. Deborah Orvis

Barnes, David b. 1729 CT d. 1795  m. 1751 Hannah Clark

Barnes, Reuben b. 1752 CT m. 1774 CT Phebe Warner

Barnes, Joel  b. 1778 CT  d. 1842 Canada  m. 1801 NY Margaret Peggy Ferguson

Barnes, James Reuben  b. 1809 NY   m. 1839 MI Mary Olive Bower

Barnes, Clarissa b. 1855 MI d. 1932 IA m. 1873 IA Nathaniel Green  m. 1910 IA George Hayes

Barnes, Eliza b. 1840 MI d. 1910 IA m. Emory Stoddard  m. 1873 MN Rufus Wood

MOST OF THE BARNES LINE FROM THOMAS CAN BE FOUND IN “THE GENEALOGY OF THOMAS BARNES of Hartford, CT 1615-2001 Vol. 1 & 2. by Frederic Wayne Barnes and Edna Cleo Bauer Barnes. My line from James Barnes b. 1809 on is not listed.


GREEN, Nathaniel  b. 1819 NY  d. abt 1911 OR  m. Clarissa Barnes

Green, Charles b. 10 Dec 1873 KS  d. 13 Jan 1929 Koochicking Co., MN  m. Ida Viola Wood 1 Nov 1895 Guthrie Co., IA

Green, Clifford  b. 9 GFeb 1895 Yale, IA  d. 31 Dec 1940 Minneapolis, MN  m. Bauke (Betty) Valentine

Green, Annabelle Loretta b. 21 Mar 1924 Austin, MN d. 16 May 1995 Seattle, WA m. Roy Eisentrager 2 Apr 1941 Northwood, IA   (note:  Annabelle had an affair with (Bud) Wyburn in Feb 1942 and had a child by him, so states the divorce papers.  Roy was stationed at Camp Cleburne, LA at the time). NOTE: Through DNA, the child Annabelle had from the affair did not belong to Alfred Wyburn. I was that child, Sandra Lee (Eisentrager) Wideen. Much like my biological father, I grew up with the last name of Wideen, but he never legally adopted me.

Through DNA I have located my biological father. I’ve had my DNA done through Ancestry,  Family Tree DNA, and 23 and me. Between all three I’ve been able to piece the puzzle together. Here is what I have:

My father is WESLEY CLARENCE (KINSEL) WYBORNEY. His father was Clarence Edwin Kinsel who married Frances Pearl Lyle. Frances and Clarence divorced when Wesley was very young, probably between the age of 1-3. Frances remarried Morris Wyborney. Wesley took the last name of Wyborney. It’s been said Morris did adopt Wesley but he was a lot older at the time.

Jackson Sylvester Kinsel was Clarence’s father. Jackson married Emma Belle Carr.

Charles Wesley Lyle was Frances Pearl Lyle’s father. Charles married Etta May Kidd.




2 Responses to SURNAMES–Abbey,Barnes,Bower,Brockett,Burlingame,Carr, Clark,Cirac,Cole,Davis,Eibert,Eisentrager,Ferguson,Green,Hayes,Holtzclaw,Jones, Kidd,Kinsel,Knowles,Lumley, Lyle,Mayfield,McCorkle,Orvis,Sokora,Spradlin,Stoddard,Surface,Valentine,Vitelle,Warner,Wood,

  1. Hi, I am related to Barnes, Joel b. 1778 CT d. 1842 Canada m. 1801 NY Margaret Peggy Ferguson & Barnes, James Reuben b. 1809 NY m. 1839 MI Mary Olive Bower. I am getting ready to do a DNA test and was wondering if you had one done. Thanks for posting the info online.

    • Yes, Eric, I’ve had my DNA done. It has helped me find a lot of the Barnes line and now I’m finding the
      Bower side too. Have you checked out,, or The only one you
      would have to pay for I believe is if you don’t already belong to it. Good luck.

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