I can’t believe it’s been several months since I’ve blogged. This year has gone by so fast

even with everyone cooped up in their homes, wearing masks when they go out, and

trying to stay away from people so there is no spreading of COVID19.

I have been busy. I’ve worked on another book. A book of devotionals. This has been on

my heart for quite some time now and I’m finally taking care of it. My prayer is that it

will be helpful to others as it has been to me writing it.

AND then, I’ve been learning to quilt and use my new embroidery machine. Let me tell

tell you, it’s hard to learn new tricks when you get to be my age! But I’m learning.

Making baby quilts for the twelfth and thirteenth great-grandchildren. Wish they didn’t

live so far away.

I’ve been working on genealogy off and on. I must put all my information in a book so

my children, grandchildren, etc. will have that to refer to when they are trying to figure

out their lineage. Thank you for adding more and more information each

day. I try to put everything I know about the ancestor so my family will have a good

rounded picture of their heritage.

Hubby built me three big boxes for a garden. The boxes are built waist high so I don’t

have to bend over a lot. He’s even put wire tops on them to keep the squirrels and other

animals out. Right now the tomatoes, peppers, and squash are thriving. Can’t wait until

I harvest what little I’ve planted.

Well that’s about it for my life during this pandemic. I will still stay close to home, wear

a mask when I do go out and pray for this year to end peacefully and with grace. What

is your prayer?

Until then my friend………………………………….

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Happy 4th of July to everyone. It was a quiet one this year. Talked to brother in Idaho and daughter in Washington. Wish they lived closer or I lived there. Right now I could use some of their weather. It has been over one hundred for two days now and we are looking forward to more of the same.

Now that the weekend is over I must get on with the world. Always so much to do even being shut in like we’ve been. Rearranging things, cleaning things out, throwing away things, etc. It never ends.

And then there is the my writing. I’ve finished my legacy book and now to get it published. The title is 1-800-2HE-AVEN. Kind of catching isn’t it? Wait until you’ve read it and you will get the meaning. So….watch for it. Please….

Like I said before I have several small quilts that need to be quilted and I’m working on a special one for Mr. “C”. I’ve had the makin’s for over a year so I guess it’s time to put it together. Keep an eye out for that also.

Okay I need to get down to business so will close for today. Have a super, great, wonderful day to each and every one of you.

Until then my friend……………………..

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By now we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Covid19/Coronavirus. We are shut in our homes and every time we go out we must wear a mask. It’s hard to breathe and talk behind the mask but I do understand why we need to do this. I don’t like it, but I also don’t like being sick and if I do catch it I don’t want to pass it on to someone else. SO I wear the mask!

So, what have I been doing while being cooped up? A bit of writing, a bit of cleaning and throwing out what I really don’t need plus trying to play catch up on things I’ve put aside for another day. The big thing is I’m learning new things on my embroidery machine (new and upgraded) and I’ve pieced together three lap quilts and two baby blankets. Now to get them all quilted. They are not looking too bad if I say so myself. My finished bluebonnet quilt 2020IMG_0304 (1)IMG_0303IMG_0266

Hubby has built me two above ground vegetable garden boxes and right now I have cherry tomatoes (tasting so good) and small hot peppers I’ve gathered. The vines are looking good for the cantaloupe but no fruit as of yet. Mr. “C” is working on another box for me so I can try something else. We shall see.IMG_0238IMG_0242

I’ve been watching more uTube “how to” videos. I think I’m learning something. Now that you know what I’ve been up to, tell me what you’ve been filling your days with.

Until then my friend……………………………

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Another day quarantined, I’ve lost count. Oh my, I’ve even lost count of what day it is, and now it’s May. Where has the time gone?

When they first told us we’d be quarantined I thought, well I can do it. Let me see what I can get done around my house that I’ve been pushing aside hoping I’d get more time to do. Which, of course, hasn’t happened. Until now. Like most everyone else out there, I’ve organized my pantry, cleaned out outdated spices, canned goods, and food in the freezer that looked like petrified mummies.

Then my next big project was get ahead on my writing, which hasn’t happened. I keep pushing that back,  too. I wanted my legacy book to sit for a while, then go in and make sure I had all my ducks in a row. The ducks are still swimming around in the pen and quill

I cleaned out my sewing/craft room next. Went through some unfinished projects and tried to get caught up. My embroidery machine was catching dust, so I brought out the t-shirts I bought to practice on and proceeded to work my magic. What fun trying to figure out what I wanted to put on each shirt. So glad I didn’t pay much for the shirt. My pretty olive green t-shirt got a white butterfly. Really nice, I say so myself. Then I thought, let’s put another one on the other side. A colorful one. Almost finished and a big bird’s nest developed under the sewing. No problem, I knew how to fix that, after all my instructor showed me how to cut away the thread. I did, and I also put a big hole in the shirt! In all my STUFF I knew I had some iron-on butterflies and sure enough I found them. My shirt has a nice yellow butterfly almost covering the other colorful butterfly and the hole. The rest of my t-shirts came out much better.My tea towel and green shirtMy finished bluebonnet quilt 2020Yes, I embroidered a handful of tea towels, too. Can you guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

Like most of the other women out there I’ve spent more time in the kitchen than I’ve spent since the all the kids left home. Hubby is gaining weight. Well, so am I! I’ve baked more cookies and breads than I had in ages. And hubby is a diabetic so I’ve been giving all cookies and cakes away. Well, truth be told, I saved a few cookies for us and I’ve split the cakes.My pineapple upside down cakeMy cookiesMy biscuits

Last but not least I’ve helped hubby with some of the things he’s been doing. You know what I’m talking about…..”Honey, can you come help me with this” and “I need your help out here.” Yep, that’s it.

So I guess I’m off to the other room (sewing room) right now and try to figure out what project I’m going to finish today. That is get started on as it’s almost time for dinner and you know where I’ll be.

Until then my friend……………………………

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GOOD MORNING WORLD! hi momAnd this is how I’ve been feeling lately as most of you may be feeling also. This quarantine WILL NOT get me down. Besides I have so much to get caught up on.

It seems like life has had me caught up in its whirlwind of every day living. For the past ten years it’s been hurry, hurry, hurry. I have to get this done so I can do that. Maybe you’ve been feeling the same bug as me.

I got up in the morning, gulped down my toast and coffee then it was off to critique groups, meetings for the city, breakfast with the girls (been doing that for close to twenty years), doctor visits, Bible study class, and that’s naming just a few. Did I mention clean house, laundry, and all those necessary things you have to do to live. Don’t let me forget grocery shopping! I kind of long for that right now, but thank you Amazon and my local HEB grocery delivery.

Are you going to ask me if I’ve gotten any writing done??? I stepped back to give my finished legacy a rest. Yes, it is finished and I’m waiting to look at it with fresh eyes.

Last year, especially, I got caught up in going to all the quilt shops with friends and hubby (bless him) took me to some special shops while on some of our trips. Well, I bought more than I could ever do in a year so here I am playing catch up, trying to clean out my bins of kits. Slow but sure. I don’t think I will ever be a fantastic quilter but I’m trying….one block at a time.Nine Patch for classThis is my first attempt to a nine patch lap quilt. Maybe a wall handing? I still need to put a border on it then…

Then there is my genealogy. For the past five years I’ve made copies from Ancestry then thrown it in a pile behind my desk. Well, now it’s time I finally put the copies in the right families book and finish off the book. Maybe even make it into a hard back. In fact that has been my dream for a long time. Okay, it’s off we go to see what and where today takes me.

Until then my friends……………

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My Jesus Chair

This morning as I polished my Herod chair (that’s what I call it) I am reminded of when we bought it. Hubby was stationed at Lajes Field in the Azores. Not sure where we went when I noticed the chair, but I just had to have it. My love advised against it saying, “With the different moisture, in the air here and when we return to the states, I’m afraid the wooden chair will crack and split.”

This spoiled foolish self usually gets her way. I bought the chair. In my mind I pictured Marc Anthony, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, or even Herod sitting in one very similar. We’ve all seen the same chair in the movies. The intricate carving of the chair’s arm rests and chair back reminds me of how my God created me in his likeness (Genesis 1:26). I am complex and wonderfully made.

Once the chair made it’s way to our house it was placed first in the entry way then on to the living room. Weekly I poured furniture polish on it, rubbed it in to every nook and cranny hoping it permeated the wood so it wouldn’t crack. I guess in the back of my mind I was going to prove my husband wrong.

That was thiry-eight years ago and it has weathered fine. Except for a few bumps and chips it’s taken from our moves, the chair looks great. I’ve finally placed it in our bathroom where I can sit on it every night before going to bed. Yes, I sit on it and lather up my feet with lotions each night before putting on my socks and going to bed. Oh, my, getting older is not for the weak of heart. Who would have thought, when I was younger, that my feet would be so dry when I got older!!!

Until then my friend………………………….

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Life is not dull around my house. Ask me what I’ve been doing since Dec 8, 2019. My reply would be, “I’m not sure but I think I was busy!”

Christmas and New Years has come and gone. I’m working on two books; finishing one and working on the other. One is my legacy and the other is a sequel to White Moccasins. The sequel has been a long time coming. I’m a little slow.

Now on to other things. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 4th at 5:30 pm I will give a presentation on my book, “The Stranger In The Polka Dot Tie, How I found My Father”, at the Schertz library for the Genealogy Society. If you are looking for a biological parent or any ancestor why not stop by and check out how I went about it. Maybe it could help you.

Until then my friend……………………….



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It’s hard to believe there are only three weeks left of this year “2019”. Where did it all go? Every year I say I’m going to stay caught up on everything then by the end of the year I’m trying to play catch up! Go figure.

Hubby was away in Maryland working the first part of the year. I was trying to get my two books up and out, launched, you might say. They finally sailed in the spring–The Stranger In The Polka Dot Tie Stranger Book Cover Final large print and

The History of Cibolo, The Early YearsCibolo History Book Cover Final Feb 2019. The rest of the year I’ve been busy with book signings and starting another book. Or rather I’ve had two other books started and I’m trying to finish them. I keep telling myself don’t work on two at a time. I never listen to my self.

Book signings this year: Shops at the Mill for book signings early spring. Book Signing at Cibolo Coffee Haus Jul 2019 at Cibolo Coffee Haus in Cibolo. Book Signing at RAFB Parr Club Oct 2019 At the Phar Club Randolph AF Base. Sandra at 4th annual CWG sale 2019 Oct 2019–then at First Baptist Church in Universal City Fourth Annual Meet The Author. Sandra book sales at UC library 2019 And finally at the Universal City Library Meet the local authors day book signing Dec 3rd, 2019. First time for library. No picture for the Schertz Library Meet the Author day in Sep 2019. In July (no picture) I was at Cafezinho for book signing. I really didn’t realize I’ve had book signings almost every month this year! Whew.

Not only book signings, I’ve accompanied my husband on several of his trips this year also. In April we took a vacation and went to Ireland with our church group. In June we were in Hawaii for two weeks. In August we returned to California for the one year anniversary of our son’s passing. Made arrangements for his head stone to be placed. September was American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in San Antonio. This was a four day event. October was another short writer’s get away time with fellow writers to hone our craft. Then I turned right around and took my annual one week away with my crafting/quilting sisters to work on our projects and just vegg out and enjoy each other’s company. November, it’s hubs and me off to Branson for the veteran’s week. Wouldn’t miss this if we can help it.

As I type this, I am getting tired. No wonder I can’t seems to get anything done. Okay, here it is next year, I think I may just have to slow down and smell the roses. Maybe even finish the projects I started this year and didn’t finish. NOT! One of these days I will HAVE to slow down but not now. As long as I can still get up and go I’m gettin’ and a goin’!

Have a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. May you walk with the Lord every day. Until then my friend…………………………..

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October is about to give way to November and we are barreling down to Christmas. Whoa! Way too soon. I just returned from my wonderful one week writer’s retreat situated at Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country. I didn’t get the whole week sitting at the typewriter but most of it. Had too many obligations taking me away from my favorite past time. But, with great fellowship with two other writers we got a lot done and now looking forward to next years retreat. We did pass up the photo shoot at the pumpkin patch. That was because we were so engrossed in our writing we forgot about it.

Pumpkins at Canyon Lake 2019 Holiday Inn Resort laid out a beautiful setting for your personal picture. Hopefully they will do it again next year and believe me we won’t pass it up then!

No sooner home and I had another book signing at Randolph Air Force Base Parr Club. Great fellowship with two other authors. Even sold a few books.



Next book signing will be Monday, Nov 25th at First Baptist Church from 6-8 p.m. This will be our 4th annual Meet The Authors Night sponsored by the Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio. Come on out and get your early Christmas Gift or maybe a gift for yourself. Hope to see you there.

Until then my friend……………………..


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I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in September. Where did the time go? Or rather, where have I been. I didn’t take a trip, only Mr. “C” and he got to go to England. So he had to work, but he got to go. I stayed at home to get caught up and puppy sit. There it is in a nut shell.

I’m looking at my planner and it has so much writing on every day but for the life of me I don’t know where I went or what I did. I really didn’t get much writing done and my quilt blocks, well that’s another story. Remind me not to join so many groups next year!

My planner

I must admit three days was filled with the American Christian Fiction Writers conference right here in San Antonio at the #Hyatt Regency. Beautiful hotel, excellent food cooked to perfection, and the staff was there to assist in whatever we needed.

ACFW NAme tag 2019                   And with Frank Peretti Frank P. and me at ACFW Conference 2019 You must read his books. Fantastic speaker too! Special time meeting with friends and learning more about the craft of writing. Believe me I need all the help I can get!

So there it is, what I’ve been doing for a month. Now I believe I will get with it and get my devotionals retyped and ready to send to editor so she can do her magic. Watch for our yearly Christmas Devotional book around Thanksgiving. The critique groups I belong to do this every year so you, the reader, will have a daily devotion to read for the month of December.

Until then my friend…………………………………….

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