By now we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Covid19/Coronavirus. We are shut in our homes and every time we go out we must wear a mask. It’s hard to breathe and talk behind the mask but I do understand why we need to do this. I don’t like it, but I also don’t like being sick and if I do catch it I don’t want to pass it on to someone else. SO I wear the mask!

So, what have I been doing while being cooped up? A bit of writing, a bit of cleaning and throwing out what I really don’t need plus trying to play catch up on things I’ve put aside for another day. The big thing is I’m learning new things on my embroidery machine (new and upgraded) and I’ve pieced together three lap quilts and two baby blankets. Now to get them all quilted. They are not looking too bad if I say so myself. My finished bluebonnet quilt 2020IMG_0304 (1)IMG_0303IMG_0266

Hubby has built me two above ground vegetable garden boxes and right now I have cherry tomatoes (tasting so good) and small hot peppers I’ve gathered. The vines are looking good for the cantaloupe but no fruit as of yet. Mr. “C” is working on another box for me so I can try something else. We shall see.IMG_0238IMG_0242

I’ve been watching more uTube “how to” videos. I think I’m learning something. Now that you know what I’ve been up to, tell me what you’ve been filling your days with.

Until then my friend……………………………

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  1. magpiesatx says:

    Loved your new posting and the pictures of your quilts. Very inspiring to work on mine. I am, but very slow, but like the tortoise, I will continue until I finish my quilts. Keep enjoying the “fruits of your labors” with your homegrown veggies. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of what is happening in your life from time to time. It’s like a shot of B12, a great boost when you need it.

  2. khannancy says:

    Beautiful quilts.

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