Happy 4th of July to everyone. It was a quiet one this year. Talked to brother in Idaho and daughter in Washington. Wish they lived closer or I lived there. Right now I could use some of their weather. It has been over one hundred for two days now and we are looking forward to more of the same.

Now that the weekend is over I must get on with the world. Always so much to do even being shut in like we’ve been. Rearranging things, cleaning things out, throwing away things, etc. It never ends.

And then there is the my writing. I’ve finished my legacy book and now to get it published. The title is 1-800-2HE-AVEN. Kind of catching isn’t it? Wait until you’ve read it and you will get the meaning. So….watch for it. Please….

Like I said before I have several small quilts that need to be quilted and I’m working on a special one for Mr. “C”. I’ve had the makin’s for over a year so I guess it’s time to put it together. Keep an eye out for that also.

Okay I need to get down to business so will close for today. Have a super, great, wonderful day to each and every one of you.

Until then my friend……………………..

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  1. Paul Vinton says:

    love keeping up with you. you are one of the dearest people i have met in my in life. keep up the words you put on paper.

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