I can’t believe it’s been several months since I’ve blogged. This year has gone by so fast

even with everyone cooped up in their homes, wearing masks when they go out, and

trying to stay away from people so there is no spreading of COVID19.

I have been busy. I’ve worked on another book. A book of devotionals. This has been on

my heart for quite some time now and I’m finally taking care of it. My prayer is that it

will be helpful to others as it has been to me writing it.

AND then, I’ve been learning to quilt and use my new embroidery machine. Let me tell

tell you, it’s hard to learn new tricks when you get to be my age! But I’m learning.

Making baby quilts for the twelfth and thirteenth great-grandchildren. Wish they didn’t

live so far away.

I’ve been working on genealogy off and on. I must put all my information in a book so

my children, grandchildren, etc. will have that to refer to when they are trying to figure

out their lineage. Thank you for adding more and more information each

day. I try to put everything I know about the ancestor so my family will have a good

rounded picture of their heritage.

Hubby built me three big boxes for a garden. The boxes are built waist high so I don’t

have to bend over a lot. He’s even put wire tops on them to keep the squirrels and other

animals out. Right now the tomatoes, peppers, and squash are thriving. Can’t wait until

I harvest what little I’ve planted.

Well that’s about it for my life during this pandemic. I will still stay close to home, wear

a mask when I do go out and pray for this year to end peacefully and with grace. What

is your prayer?

Until then my friend………………………………….

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