Sandra  2 (1)I hope you will journey with me through the pages of my life.  The many ups and downs, hills and valleys I’ve crossed, to find out who my ancestors were, where they originally started and finally stopped.

I started searching for my father over forty years ago and I’m still looking.  It’s taken mounds of letters, stamps, phone calls, and then, when the computer made it easier, the countless hours sitting, and staring at the screen.

DNA was the final touch to the answer I longed for. It has been at least five years since I took my first test with Family Tree DNA. Then three years ago I took another test with Ancestry.com. More people are using Ancestry to find answers to their questions. I get a lot of matches, but nothing looks familiar. Just recently I took the DNA test with 23 and me. Between all three I know my ethnicity pretty well. Also I’ve found out that I have a very strong match to two names, Mattocks and Kinsel. Now it’s just figuring out how they match me.

In rummaging through old cemeteries, old photographs, and dusty records, I decided I wanted to leave an ancestral history for my children.  What better way to do it than write family stories.  The memories that were told to me.  So this is where I’m at.

I write historical fiction, mainly about my ancestors. They carved my life when they came to America, headed west, and settled the land.

My main objective is to retrace their steps, see where they lived, get a glimpse of their lives through old documents, pictures, and letters, then sharing with others.

Follow me as I tromp through old cemeteries, read obits, and dig up stories.  Who knows, you may run across one of your ancestors along the way.

I live in San Antonio with my husband and three dogs.  My children are grown and have enriched my life with many grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I started young!

I belong to the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio. My writing has produced magazine articles and devotionals. Now my first novel will be ready by the end of this year. It’s about a Native American girl named Katie.

3 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. Christine bowden says:

    Please contact me

  2. Amy says:

    Did you finish the novel?

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