Here we go again. A new year and looking forward to a much better one than 2020! Of course I am, just like every other person out there.

My prayer is for each one to have a blessed year. That you wake up each morning praising our Lord and Savior for what He has done for you. For keeping you in His hands throughout last year.

Let me begin by praising Him for 2020 when the doctors finally put a name to what kind of virus was attacking my foot. I started out by going to my primary doctor who sent me first to one doctor then another and another. It took almost a year to finally say I had psoriatic arthritis. What a relief. Now I take medication to help it. Praise God.

Hubby finally said he’d had enough and retired. Now I have more husband and less pay check but it’s been nice to have him home. We go places together. Even taking the dogs to get their shots! He gets to hold two and I get one! He also found out how much work it is keeping the house together!

We’ve been blessed with another great grandchild. Looking forward to two more to arrive in 2021! God said be fruitful and multiply and what do you know. We are working on the seventeenth great grandchild!!! Thank you God.

My fourth book made it’s debut on my birthday….”Dial 1-800-2HE-AVEN, A memoir. I’m slowly but surely working on my fifth, a devotional.

This year found me learning how to quilt. Who knew there was so much math in quilting. The one subject I never liked and I always had trouble with! Thank goodness for good friends that help me out, a lot!

My sisters surprised me with a visit this year. It was a nice surprise. I, in turn, sent them a special coffee mug with our picture on it. I wanted them to know how much I appreciate them.

Let me sign off for now and will be back later.

Until then my firned………………………………….

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