Where did the time go? I feel like I’ve been asleep for two years! Yes, you heard me. ASLEEP.

Have I been writing? Very little. So what have I been doing. Oh yes, now I remember. Hubby retired. I’ve been helping him every time he pops his head in the door and says “Honey, I need your help here. Just for a minute.” And by the time that minute is over I’ve forgotten where I was and what I was doing. So, scratch what ever that was.

I starting working on a devotional book. And that’s where I’m still at. Starting…. I add a page here and there, so by the time I get it finished it will probably take me a year. Yes, I need to speed this up a bit. I see that now.

I have three small dogs. So every hour it’s “Ok, let’s go pee pee guys.” And that takes up about an hour of my time…each day! Not only do they go outside to do their business they expect a “treat” when they come in. After all they were good by going outside to take care of nature.

Through this pandemic I’ve been learning how to quilt. I guess you could say this is what has taken up most of my time. I never knew there was so much math in quilting. And, I was not good in math. But I’m learning. So far I must say so myself I’ve made quite a few small lap quilts and two large quilts. The large quilts were for my wonderful hubby and one for my hunter grandson. They loved them which was the goal while making them.

Right now after the bad storm we had hubby and I are repotting all my flowers that were destroyed. I don’t know if my lemon or kumquat tree will ever recover but I’ll just plant another one later. Life goes on.

Now you ask so what’s your problem lady? Well my problem is there is so much more I want to do and just can’t seem to find the time to do it. And I get upset with myself. Guess I need to chill out and learn to take time to smell the roses while I continue to quilt and write and take care of the hubs!

Here are a few of my projects! Until then my friend…………………………………………..

My Texas lapquilt

Hubby’s quilt

Grandson’s quilt

Last but not least my colorful table runner. I love the vibrant colors.

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  1. magpiesatx says:

    Yes, you have been busy juggling a variety of things. You have such a good heart! Love your quilts, they are so gorgeous!

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