Well, it’s about time I got back in the groove. I’ve stalled for quite some time. So much has been going on in everyone’s life. I’ve slowed down in writing…but doing a lot of quilting. I’m still learning with the quilting. It’s not easy keeping everything square. I’m not very good at measuring. never have been.

The publishing company my partner and I shared has been sold. We are writing on our own and leading others on where to have their works published. So much easier. But, it’s been harder to sit still and let the mind get back in the groove. It’s like, squirrel!!! Where was I?

This last two years we’ve been quite busy going to more funerals than I’ve ever gone to before. Maybe it’s my age, but who knows. It could be the viruses. We are in troubling times. It makes me keep my eyes skyward. End times. Like, have you read the book series “Left Behind”?? Great reading.

Grandkids are getting older. It’s hard to keep up with most of them as they all live in different states. Praise God I do have three children living close by, so we are able to keep up a few of them. Only thing is, they all have busy lives! We are expecting our 16th great grandchild in November. The Lord said be fruitful and multiply and I think I have done my share.

So, for now I will close for now and get back to working on my first devotional book. I am really hoping I will have it finished by Christmas. Prayers, please.

Until then my friend…….have a wonderful fruit filled day and meet someone new. Everyone needs a friend to lift them up.

My Red Hat sisters. “2019” My friends!
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1 Response to A NEW DAY

  1. Nancy Khan says:

    Thanks for your update. Good luck with your devotional! You will get it done by Christmas. ❤️❤️

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