Good Morning Everyone…there is so much going in I don’t know where to begin. As most of you know I shelved my book about DNA. It was because I have two books in one so after much thought and prayer I set it aside and went back to finishing a book I started about six years ago. Before I started White Moccasins. Okay, well, I must be ADHD…can’t focus.

Sandra Lee Cleary reading at senior center 2017I have too much roaming around my little pea picking brain. Also I’ve been re-directed to finishing up the History of Cibolo book that another lady, Judy Womack, and I put together about four years ago. We found out we have a lot more information to put into the book. Only thing lacking for the history book is early pictures of Cibolo. We are in dire need of those.

So on to what went on this last week end. The Mill Boutique in Cibolo held it’s second annual Meet The Author Day, which I might add, turned out super great this year. Last year we had about seven authors signing their books for guests. This year we had seventeen signed up and thirteen present. What a great day for everyone.

Meet the author with client 2018Melissa Uritaga who wrote Trained Up for children. Judy Watters who has written Panning for Gold in your Golden Years, and Sandra Lee Cleary with White Moccasins. I might add that Judy Watters and Sandra Lee Cleary own Franklin Scribes Publishers and Melissa is one of their clients. We love working with authors who are struggling to get their books published.

Meet the author day with judy's books 2018    Meet the author 2018 Linda DavisLinda B. Davis who wrote about her grandmother Ella Mcfarland. Great reading. Meet the author 2018 Kelly GrettlerKelly Grettler has a book about Sweet Tea By The Live Oak Tree.   Meet the author 2018 Jill Johnston Jill Johnston book on Praises. Meet the author 2018 Irene Aldrich Irene Aldrich’s book on early Cibolo Bits and Pieces of Blue Tafetta. Meet the author 2018 April GardnerApril Gardner has several books about the lives of Indians. Good reading for young and old.

meet the author 2018 Amy BearceAmy Bearce..Bridging the Gap Between Middle Grand and YA Fantasy.

Meet the author 2018 Al BatesAl Bates and his stories of a Wicki…A lighthouse on the Oregon Coast and the men who kept the light burning warning the boats of rocky shores. Watch for his second book that continues the story.Meet the author 2018 Adrienne Dawn Adrienne Dawn and her series…also great reading. These are only a few of the authors present this year. In case you missed the event please stop by the Mill located at 200 N. Main in Cibolo as each of these authors have their books on their shelves. Plus a few more not mentioned.

Again, I am looking for pictures of old Cibolo. We really want to get this book out there for others to see how Cibolo has grown over the years. Although Irene has written her memoir about early Cibolo, from Depression on, there is so much more to tell of the early beginnings of the area.

Until then my friend…………………………….



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It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m looking at my appointment book plus the desk calendar and it looks like I have a clear slate. Now what to do, as if I have to think really hard of something to do!

old books to readOh, before I forget it…mark your calendars my friend. There will be a Meet The Author day at the Mill Boutique in Cibolo on Saturday 10 Mar 2018 from 2-4 p.m. Address 200 N. Main Street, Cibolo, Texas 78108.

Fifteen Texas authors will be there to sign their books for you, perhaps, with coaching, tell you why they wrote the book, and of course, snacks. This is good Ole’ Texas hospitality. Sit down, chat, get your picture taken with an author, and have a cookie.

Texas Authors: Sandra Lee Cleary, Judy Sheer Watters, Allison Pittman, Jill Johnston, Melissa Uritaga, Alfred Bates, Dawn Trueblood, Wes Trueblood, John Lovitt, Marie Senter, Linda Davis, Kelly Grettler, April Garner, Adrianne Dawn, Justin American.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you. Until then my friend……………………..




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Is this cold ever going to end? Or is it I’m getting old and I can’t get warm any more? I’ve gone to wearing a t-shirt under my sweaters now because I get chilled easily. I’ve become my mother! Oh no, say it isn’t so!

pacific northwest 2017When I was a child you couldn’t bring me inside from the snow. I made snow forts, snow angels, anything I could do in the snow. I tried my hand at ice skating on the neighborhood pond. That didn’t last very long as I couldn’t stand up on the skates very long. My ankles always fell inward. Come to think of it, I wasn’t very good at roller skating either. Guess you could say I couldn’t keep my balance very well.

How did our ancestors do it. I mean they suffered on many occasions during the winter with outlandish temperatures hovering around zero. They didn’t have insulated homes or big insulated parkas. They were lucky if they had a fireplace in the house or even a big pot belly stove they fed wood from their wood pile. If they lived on the prairie they may have used cow chips, if they could find that. Oh, how easy we have it with our forced air heat and air conditioning.

So, here I sit complaining about the cold outside, but oh so warm in my cozy living room. Actually I’m going to praise God for all the luxuries I have. And I’m going to stay inside until it warms up outside. AND work on my novel. AND the Cibolo History book. Will keep you posted. pen-and-quill

Until then my friend………………………….

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Well here it is the second month of the year, 2018. I pulled the old calendar page off and began to write my appointments down on the new month. Then looking at last months engagements I’m amazed I got anything done. I write down most everything, that is if I remember to jot it down. It gives me an idea on what I did and what I have to do. Somehow each day holds more than what I’ve entered.yearly calendar

Let’s get on with what I’m trying to finish up this for this year. A book about the History of Cibolo. My co-author, Judy Womack, has done a lot of research and now I’m trying to get my part on track.

I went to a meeting the other evening and while they were explaining each detail of what would be taking place before the toll road would commence; they casually said they would have to figure out where the cemetery actually was, and who was buried in it. My ears perked up. Cemetery! Someone said cemetery! I suddenly felt like Lt. Joe Kenda. Well my, my, my.

Well, okay, here it is. I love to traipse through cemeteries and read names, but now I need the information for the History of Cibolo. I drove down the road today they said the cemetery was on, but could not even figure out where they were talking about. I need to know who is buried there. So, I’m off to find out who, what, where, and when…

Speaking of pictures, I’m in need of old pictures of Cibolo. Pictures taken in the early days of the Cibolo. Even pictures of the founding fathers. If anyone knows how I can obtain them I’d sure appreciate that.

Until then friends, I’m busy writing……………………

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Happy New Year 2018. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year full of great things not just for me but for my family and friends as well. To my author friends may you have a finished product and loads of book signings. To my family good health and a job you love getting up to and going to each morning. For myself yes, I would like a book to be published, good health, and to travel even more…

favorite bible verse 2 cor This is the plaque that sits across from my desk so I am reminded each day of how I should live. This is my favorite verse in the Bible and I make sure it is on my business cards. We walk by faith not be sight 2 Corinthians 5:7.

I found the picture in Branson, MO when I was walking though a craft store. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. So many times I’ve blundered through life trying to do things my way, taking charge without thinking. Usually there are more messes than you care to think about. But when I stop and go to the Lord, ask for direction, and let Him lead, things turn out much better. Having faith is much better than charging ahead and messing up everything. How is your day going?

Until then my friend…………

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Okay, I’m a bit early but I’m feeling blessed. Oh sure, there were a few days in 2017 that were a little wonky, but all in all it was a pretty good year!

Mr. “C” retired…again. We’ve traveled some, although my bucket list doesn’t even have a dent in it. I know he has a bucket list too. So we’re putting our heads together and working on how we can come up with a road trip to combine his list with mine. I can see it now…..I may not be home for a while.

Both at the montmorency falls officeDSC00202

First things first. Finish the BOOK about DNA. Actually, it is finished, but I need to get the product updated with the revisions. I must not like that part of writing as I’ve put it off far too long. There are things I want to do in 2018 so I need to get with it and put my book to bed!

I pray everyone is looking forward to 2018 with great anticipation of what is coming their way. Of course, we need to get through this cold snap they say we are expecting. I do not do cold very well but if I must, I must. Yes, I’m staying inside with the heater turned up and watching old movies after ringing in the new year.

This year I’d like to put my ancestry books together and get them printed for the family. When I started delving into my history I was looking only for a couple of names but as I progressed one last name brought two, then two brought four. It has multiplied so much. And that’s the way it goes. The same goes for my husband’s ancestry.  So you can see I have a full year ahead.

I need to clean up my craft room. There are piles of quilts that need to be put together. Pictures that need to be scrapbooked. The list goes on and on!

I’d like to sign off today saying may the blessing of light be on you, light without and light within. May light shine out of the two eyes of you, like a candle set in the window of a house, bidding the wanderer come in out of the storm.  This is part of an Irish blessing.

Until then my friends…….

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And all through the house…….I’d like to say all is quiet but you know how it is. Everyone one, and yes that includes me, is running around all frazzled, cobbozzled and broke. Oops, did I say broke? Maybe not broke but spending way more than they should buying gifts for every Manny, Aunt Susie, and Uncle Joe.Santa 2017

It seems like we’ve been gone ever since September and I just can’t get ahead on anything. I just get the house back in order, work some more on the book, got re-acquainted with our fur babies, then off we go again. We’ve made a couple of unexpected, but wonderful, extra trips this year and now I’m really, really trying to play catch up.

Hubby has been working on the garage trying to unpack boxes he hasn’t unpacked from our move back to Texas from Oklahoma seventeen years ago. I must say he is getting the place looking nice. Now it’s time to get Christmas decorations out and there are boxes strewn around the garage again. It’s a never ending battle.

I’ve already told you about our trip to Iowa and the unveiling of the historical marker. We were home then off again to our annual trip to Branson. This year we just happened to be there on my birthday. What a lovely week. Dinner at the College of the Ozarks along with the play “Flames of Freedom” performed by the students at the college. Three shows, Neil McCoy, Oakridge Boys, and the Christmas show at the Andy Williams theatre with Jimmy Osmond the 5th Dimension. I really wanted to make another trip back up to Idaho and see my brother but……just waiting for my honey to say “Are you ready to go?” And yes, my bags would be packed and I’d beat him out the door!

Then our writer’s group The Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio had their holiday book sale on November 27th so that meant sharing my table with my business partner and selling our books. This year we paid tribute to another writer who passed away suddenly right after her first book came out and we featured her book on our table also. Hope you were watching Irma. Irma showing off her first book MitzieYou did good!

Well now it’s time to get busy to finish decorating the house, writing my yearly Christmas letter, and finishing my book. Yes, I thought I’d have it published by the end of the year but God has other plans. So I’d better get to listening to Him and not me!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Until then………………..

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In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (NAS)

Today is a very sad day. I received word this morning that a dear writing friend passed away on Wednesday. I’ve know her for close to ten years as she was in my writer’s group of The Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio. She’d written a series of children’s books and looked forward to getting them published. Her first one, The Many Tales of Mitzie The Mouse just hit the streets about three weeks ago. Her face lit up when she opened her first box of books.

Irma showing off her first book MitzieFranklin Scribes Publishers were excited to publish her book. A company founded by another wonder man, John Mills, who belonged to our  group and preceded Irma two years ago. Upon his passing my friend, Judy, and I took over the ministry of publishing books for struggling authors. I can almost see it now Irma talking to John and telling him all about her book.

Irma Crutchfield was not only a writer but with her husband, Monty, foster parents. They not only had children of their own but opened their hearts and home to others less fortunate. Each one of us in the group prayed with Irma over her foster girls and her children. A beautiful Christian lady with a heart as big as her personality. She is going to be truly missed by each one of us.

RIP Irma Crutchfield. You are going to be missed.

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I do apologize for not updating my blog last week. I really don’t know how the week got away from me and here it is again–time to do my blog again. The weeks must be getting shorter!

Ancestry Ashkenazi Jewish DNAI could tell you I’ve been researching again or I’ve been deep into revisions my book. I do want to get it out. I am finished but then that little voice in my head nudges me saying, “Hey why don’t you add this or that. It would make it a wee bit more interesting to the reader.”

So I do it, and it takes me another week because I need to have it critiqued before I go any further.

The big thing right now is the book cover. I’ve given my specifics to the formatter and I’m waiting to see what it looks like before I go to the next step. Be patient. Oh wait, that’s what I keep telling myself. Anything good takes patience.

On a serious note here, I have been doing more research. It’s amazing what is out there if you only look. I traced my Carr/Kerr lineage back to 1800 where they said they were from Canada. Well, they are not.

Back in the early 1700’s most of New England was considered Massachusetts. Borders kept getting rearranged. My Carr line came from Scotland to the New World and settled in Vermont and Maine. Some moved to Canada and stayed and some came back to Vermont. It gets tricky when you are trying to locate where they ended up.

I was able to find a full lineage on my ancestors on Google Books. Oh my, the information I found was great so I hit the link that took me to Amazon and ordered the book. I wanted this book for my library. After all, this was my ancestor. When I received the book I couldn’t find his name anywhere. So I went back to the Google Book on line and noticed it was Vol. II. I needed Vol I, I thought. So I went back to Amazon and ordered Vol 1. A couple more weeks pass before I received the book. I flipped pages looking for my ancestor. His name wasn’t in the book. By now, I was getting a little bit un-nerved.

So, I went back to Google Books and reallllllyyyyy looked over the web site. There were five volumes—and my ancestor was in Vol IV. I was not going to order another book. I tried and tried to copy what I needed. It wouldn’t let me. Okay, I sat and wrote everything out then put the source at the bottom of the page. Now I had it. Some day I’m going to get better at the computer. There is probably a way to copy just what I need and not have to write it all out.

To make a long story short I have quite a line up of ancestors. Not bad for a person who didn’t even know who her biological father was until a year ago.

There were times when I felt like the young lady in the movie Mama Mia when she said she had three fathers. I could relate…my biological father, the man listed on my birth certificate, and my step-father. My family has grown immensely. I am blessed beyond words.

Must go and finish writing.

Until then my friend……..

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Looks like we are getting ready for the big storm. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this close to a hurricane or tornado. The wind is a kickin’ and I’ve put everything up that might want to fly around outside.

I’ve settled down at the computer to do some work. By work, I mean genealogy. My mind is a jumble so I thought I’d do research. I love research. Besides I’m trying to put hubby’s French Canadian side of the family down on paper. Or rather in my handy dandy little book I have for each side of the family. genealogy booksAnd I also have pedigree pages for each family member.genealogy pagesI bought these books about fifteen years ago and I keep adding to them. When I travel to do research I carry them with me and add all the new information right then and there. Very convenient and you can buy them from the Genealogy Shop in Seminole, Oklahoma.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of women on his French Canadian side with the name of Marie Marguerite. With so many women with that name how did they tell them apart when they referred to them? Did they have to add their last name too to distinguish them?

When we were in Canada a few weeks ago I made sure we bought maps so I could figure out where each family lived before migrating to America. That has been a challenge also. But, I did it.

Now I need to figure out where the town was one of my ancestors was born in before he moved to Vermont then on to Iowa. I love this detective work!

So my friends, until then…………………………..Keep posted……………………




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