It’s hard to believe there are only three weeks left of this year “2019”. Where did it all go? Every year I say I’m going to stay caught up on everything then by the end of the year I’m trying to play catch up! Go figure.

Hubby was away in Maryland working the first part of the year. I was trying to get my two books up and out, launched, you might say. They finally sailed in the spring–The Stranger In The Polka Dot Tie Stranger Book Cover Final large print and

The History of Cibolo, The Early YearsCibolo History Book Cover Final Feb 2019. The rest of the year I’ve been busy with book signings and starting another book. Or rather I’ve had two other books started and I’m trying to finish them. I keep telling myself don’t work on two at a time. I never listen to my self.

Book signings this year: Shops at the Mill for book signings early spring. Book Signing at Cibolo Coffee Haus Jul 2019 at Cibolo Coffee Haus in Cibolo. Book Signing at RAFB Parr Club Oct 2019 At the Phar Club Randolph AF Base. Sandra at 4th annual CWG sale 2019 Oct 2019–then at First Baptist Church in Universal City Fourth Annual Meet The Author. Sandra book sales at UC library 2019 And finally at the Universal City Library Meet the local authors day book signing Dec 3rd, 2019. First time for library. No picture for the Schertz Library Meet the Author day in Sep 2019. In July (no picture) I was at Cafezinho for book signing. I really didn’t realize I’ve had book signings almost every month this year! Whew.

Not only book signings, I’ve accompanied my husband on several of his trips this year also. In April we took a vacation and went to Ireland with our church group. In June we were in Hawaii for two weeks. In August we returned to California for the one year anniversary of our son’s passing. Made arrangements for his head stone to be placed. September was American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference in San Antonio. This was a four day event. October was another short writer’s get away time with fellow writers to hone our craft. Then I turned right around and took my annual one week away with my crafting/quilting sisters to work on our projects and just vegg out and enjoy each other’s company. November, it’s hubs and me off to Branson for the veteran’s week. Wouldn’t miss this if we can help it.

As I type this, I am getting tired. No wonder I can’t seems to get anything done. Okay, here it is next year, I think I may just have to slow down and smell the roses. Maybe even finish the projects I started this year and didn’t finish. NOT! One of these days I will HAVE to slow down but not now. As long as I can still get up and go I’m gettin’ and a goin’!

Have a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. May you walk with the Lord every day. Until then my friend…………………………..

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