Saturday June 22, 2019

We slept in till 8 a.m., showered and made our way down to KOKO @ The Kalia for our lesiurely breakfast buffet. We both had a wonderful omelet with all the fixins then walked outside into a very sticky muggy hot morning. We were off to the stadium for the big swap meet.

Tents of clothing, t-shirts, purses, food, toys, and many more goodies lined the road around the stadium. We finally found a parking spot between six and seven, got out of car and again, felt the sweltering heat not only from the sun but radiating up from the concrete. UGH! But, not letting that stop us we managed to buy matching Hawaiian shirts. I bought a beautiful blue sun dress. We were going Hawaiian all the way baby! About an hour into our excursion I finally had to say “UNCLE”. I felt my body slowly coming to a halt. HEAT had gotten to me. We stopped to buy water but each stand was sold out. Finally we spotted a kiosk selling water bottles and cups. I liked the color of the cup so I stopped. The man behind the counter said if we bought the water bottle he would fill it up with ice cold water. SOLD! He guaranteed the water would stay cold for hours. At this point, I didn’t care. I needed a drink now. We bought the bottle and the cup, both in same color. My thought was to use cup for my latte every day to keep it hot instead of using paper drink cup and water bottle

We made our way back to our room by 2:30 to freshen up for our cruise. Then at 3 p.m. we were off to the Hilton (next to our hotel) to be picked up by a bus to take us to the ship.

OH MY GOODNESS, the Hilton is jinormourus…I know that is not a word but there were at least four towers plus multiple restaurants and shops to buy anything you desired. But, we couldn’t find the bus stop. We had to stop and ask several people behind counters (and you would think they knew where it was) until we finally found our way to it. And, it was right where we entered the maze of towers. Go figure!

Finally after an hour’s wait our bus pulled in and there was only two couples to board. But the bus evidently stopped before us because we were the last to get on. The bus was full. Now too to the Majestic Atlantis for our two hour sunset dinner cruise. Like any cruise we had to stop and have our pictures taken before boarding. Glad I at least wore a dress for my honey.  Yes, we bought the package.Hawaii Dinner Cruise on the Atlantis 2019Hawaii Dinner Cruise Jul 2019

We found our seat/table (open seating) located beside a window. I was impressed it was all closed in. No flying bugs in my food! A mother/daughter joined our table. Our glasses were filled with water plus we had one free drink (ginger ale) to go with the meal. I made my way to the buffet and filled my plate with salad with ranch dressing, mac salad, mashed potatoes, and rock salt port (it looked yummy). In no time I downed my dinner. I guess I was hungry. Had to have been all the walking and heat!

I looked outside and watched the waves then my eyes traveled towards the front of the boat where the buffet table sat. Immediately this seasick sweetie got a bit dizzy and I remembered that I forgot to buy Dramamine! Okay, no one talk to me and just let me sit her and look out the window. Do not move! I knew I’d be fine if no one talked to me and left me alone. I had to make it through two more hours of this. I apologized to Mr. “C” as I wanted him to have a good time but at this point I was determined not throw up! I am so blessed, he said he understood.

About 45 minutes before we were to go back to the dock the waiter brought another passenger some help with her sea sickness. Hubby stopped him and asked what it was. It was essential oils to put behind your ear–I did–and it really does work. I know what I’m going to use next time–that is if there is a next time.

On the bus on our way back to the hotel another lady got sick and threw up. Another lady made a big fuss about the incident calling her a liar because she knew she had been drinking and that is what made her sick. After an hour, bus driver cleaned up everything plus helped the lady find a restroom so she could take care of herself, we were on our way back to our hotel. The bus driver thanked everyone for being so understanding. The other lady was still yelling and calling the sick lady a liar. I do pray she is never put in the same predicament.

All in all a great day–back to our room and a good night’s sleep.

Until then my friend…………………..


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