21 June 2019

Back to Hawaii here—Oh my goodness the time change. My phone started going off at three a.m. Telemarketers! Also someone sent out a message to everyone, then everyone answered, one at a time. Note to self–shut phone off when I go to bed tonight!

Got up again at seven a.m. Showered then went to coffee shop and ordered a latte with a bran muffin. I was in luck, so many vendors lined up against the walls in the in isles. All selling their Hawaiian wares. I finally broke down and bought two ribbon leis. They were so pretty and I couldn’t resist. One was laying as a hat band on a western hat. That is what sold me.western hat with blue flowers 2019Western hat with pink flowers 2019

I tried to book a pedicure but they were full for the day. So it’s Friday and I will have to wait until next week for the pedi and what the heck, why not a manicure too! Came back to room and checked my e-mails and Facebook. The most important things to do, ya know. I finished my book for the book club. Very good reading, The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay. Check it out.

Hubby came home changed into his new shorts and we left to find a place for dinner. Since he had to park on third floor of parking garage we decided to walk, he might not get a place to park again if we left and came back. Parking was a premium. So we headed toward Rodeo Drive to find something. It wasn’t called Rodeo Drive but it was the street with all the fancy high end dollar shops.

We passed the Trump Tower and the Army Museum and kept going. We ended up at the Hard Rock Café split a giant cheese, bacon burger with fries and onion rings. I had the Big Kuna and souvenir glass! After all I do not know when I will be back to Hawaii. Gotta’ do it up right. Hubbs told our waiter it was his birthday and our anniversary. After dinner he brought us both a chocolate sundae with whipped cream and cherry. What a way to end our dinner.

We stopped at my favorite store in Hawaii the ABC Store on our way back to room. Yes, I found a big pink hibiscus for my hair, earrings and a bracelet. Good night everyone!

Until then my friend………………….

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