23 Jun 2019

Another great day in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hot! Muggy! But, ready to go out and conquer the traffic around the island. Today we travel along the west coast up to the North Shore. We wanted to see the large waves we’ve been hearing about. Supposed to be the best place for surfing. We took the H1 to the Queen Liliuokalani then on to 93. Beautiful ride although not as pretty as the east side of the island. Made it all the way to Makaha and the road ran out–what a bummer–so we turned around and made it back to H1 then took H2 freeway. All good lanes, all 5 to 6 lanes over the mountains.

Just before the Dole pineapple plantation (we’ve been there two years ago) I spied a sign saying Green Mountain Coffee Farm. Whoa, gotta check this out. Coffee samples lined the shelf. I sampled everyone, and bought all but one I tried. Very good coffee. Then, of course, had to buy sample bags to take home along with t-shirts and coffee mugs!

hawaii coffee farm hawaii coffee farm II

Now onward to our favorite food truck at the North Shore. By the time we arrived the place was packed and no where to park. Hubby inched his way into the parking lot until the attendant motioned us forward into a tiny spot. We made it. Got in the long line at the truck and waited our turn. I kept alert for an empty table. Finally found a spot, I staked it out until Hubby arrived with our food. And it was just as good as the first time we tasted the shrimp and rice two years ago. YUMMMMM.hawaii garlic shrimpWe also added a side dish we hadn’t tried before, macaroni salad. I’ll do that again. It was just as good as the rest of food. We shared our table with a family. We watched as one young man finished his plate just like our son. Vacuum!

It rained a bit, clouds parted, then the muggy bit resumed. All in all by the time we made it back to our room after dark it was a wonderful day. Made new friends, shopped, walked, ate, and you know the rest.  Only a few more days left here on the island.

Until then my friends…………………………………………….

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