April 6, 2019

Got a good night’s sleep in our king sized bed. First and second night in Dublin two single beds, third night in Kilkenny a double! Last night king sized bed. What’s in store for next hotel?

Got ready for the day, plunged the curling brush in and went to put on make up. When I came out of bathroom hubby said the brush smelled hot and thought it was going to catch on fire so he let it dangle from suitcase. Okay, well I’m ready to curl my hair and I went to pick it up. It completely burnt the brush off the rod! We brought wrong plug! Now what to do with straight hair. Wear my new hat!  All DAY!

Breakfast at 7:30 and sat with David and Margaret. Ate too much again. Loaded the bus at 8:30 and we were off for the Ring of Kerry. First stop at Moriatary’s for shopping. So much stuff—beautiful stuff! Would love to buy a sweater but the sweaters are so heavy we can’t wear them in Texas. So I headed to the jewelry counter. Bought the Claddagh ring and a Celtic cross with the Connemara stone, plus a few trinkets for gifts.

Back on the bus—second stop to see the Atlantic Ocean with the Dingle Pennsulia across from us. Beautiful countryside, lots of sheep farms. The highest mountain in Ireland is before us with snow on it’s peaks. Glad we won’t be going up there. Made our way to Sharif Inn and restaurant after about an hour and half driving. Got behind a funeral which took up a half hour as the procession was quite long. Delayed us a half hour.

We stopped before lunch at the Kerry Bog Village to see how they lived many years ago. Thatched roof houses, one room, no windows, and they used dry bogs for heating and cooking.

Went inside the Red Fox Inn for a hot coffee and whiskey and look at trinkets.

Back on the bus and had lunch at the restaurant, cafeteria style. We both had chowder, crusty roll and a slice of bread, I thought it was date bread. NO—it was fruit cake.

Took pictures of the bay with all the small rock island jutting into the sky. Back on the bus for the sheep farm and watch the working dogs—Border Collies. Got to see several lambs close up—one day old to three days. So cute. Not, I don’t need to hold them no matter how cute they are.

Back on the bus to finish our trip around the ring. Pulled into parking space of the hotel at 4 pm. Full day of riding and seeing the lay of the land.

Took our goodies to our room to get ready for dinner. Gotta eat again! Someone’s got to do it.  We walked for a ways and found the Kings Head Pub. I had bangers and mash, hubby had fish and chips. We shared. Excellent! Stopped at a couple of souvenir shops while we made our way back to room. What a day. Tired but oh so excited to see this lovely country our ancestors came from. At times such rugged terrain.

Until then my friend……….

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