April 7, 2019

Up at 6:30–dressed and packed for our trip today. Breakfast at 8:30 but we were drinking coffee at 8 am by the fire in the lobby with a few of our new best friends.

Suitcases loaded by 9:30 and we were ready for our jaunting car ride in the National Park. Our horse was Bob and our driver Patrick. I would say Patrick had the gift of gab—he’s been kissing the Blarney Stone. He reminded me of the little Irish man who played in the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ with John Wayne.

Our driver gave each of us a blanket to cover up with as it was quite chilly this morning. We had been warned and most of us dressed appropriately. Patrick knew every bramble, tree and flower in the park. He spotted more deer and knew each creature that made his home in and amongst in the trees and bushes. Our trip lasted about an hour before we were dropped off by our chariot for the day.Ireland Trip Killarney National Park Jaunting Cars

Once we were all seated Caspers put the bus in motion. First stop Adare, about an hour and half down the road. I knew I should have visited the loo one more time. No potty stops along the way. Just before our stop I mentioned to hubby I really needed to go potty. Mr. “C” stood up and said go ahead. I looked at him like he was crazy. Where—I didn’t spot a toilet on board. he said it was at the back door almost where we were sitting. Lil, who sat in the seat in front of us got up and opened the door to show me. Well, lookey there! I made a bee line! I should have said something sooner!

We stopped for lunch at a small cafe. Mr. “C” and I shared a slice of bread pudding and I had a latte. We shopped and walked the Main Street. Quite a few old houses with thatched roofs.

After an helium or so we were back on the bus heading to Limberick for the night. Beautiful rolling hills with each piece of property sectioned off by rock fences running the length of their property.

Casper entered the city of  Limberick while Colette gave us historical information of buildings, people and legends. She has been so interesting in the things she has told us about her country. From political to famines, wars, and legends. I wish I could have recorded her as I’ll never be able to remember the things she has said.

Our hotel is the Absoulute Hotel close by the River Shannon. We saw the castle by John along the river.

We left the hotel by 5 pm to go to Bunratty Castle for our medieval dinner and entertainment. Just a twenty minute ride and we were there. Dinner on first floor, welcome on second floor with steps like the ones at Blarney Castle. We had a four course meal all eaten with our hands. Entertainment with singers. Wonderful evening.

Until then my friends………..

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