April 8, 2019

Today we were heading to the Cliffs of Moher. More scenic rides through the countryside and looking at the hedge rows. Most were rocks marking off each persons land and homes. Alongside the roads it seemed to be more rows of bushes and flowering bushes.

We reached the Cliffs of Moher and parked our bus. The wind tore at our jackets bitting cold right through to our bones. I took my new scarf and draped it over my head and covered my ears from the cold wind tying it under my chin. I know I probably looked silly but it was cold! We took the walk way and gradually climbed up hill until we reached the top of the cliffs. By this time the wind was beating our faces. Mr. “C” tried to take a picture of me but the wind kept whipping at my face so much i couldn’t keep my eyes open. They watered, a lot!

Ireland Cliffs of Moher boat trip II

This picture was taken by friends, Brian and Karen Birdy. Thank you guys! We walked along the pathway for a while looking at the sheer beauty of the solid rock jutting up out of the ocean trying to reach the sky. No beach, just rock. It was a bit misty not giving us a clear picture of most of the cliffs. They were beautiful! The cliffs rise to 702 feet at their highest point and range for five miles along the Atlantic Ocean.DSC00118

Seems like I stopped my journaling here. We spent two more days in Ireland with one night at Castle Cabra. Cabra Castle side view of castleWonderful dinner with everyone. Don’t know why I didn’t finish out the last few days but I guess it was just too much fun and didn’t take time to stop and write it all down. So until my next journey………….

Until then my friend………..

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