June 18th

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Guy I married over thirty years ago. We had breakfast at Denney’s then after paying we forget to tell them it was his birthday. So, no free breakfast. Oh well, next time!

My friend, Cathey, picked us up and took us to the airport to catch our flight to Hawaii. Well, final destination was Hawaii, after a stop in San Jose to rest and freshen up. We are old, the long flight wears us out!

Oh my goodness, thank you Southwest Airlines for the leg room. I am in heaven. My knees are not up against the seat in front of me. I can see now I will be able to move around, even in my seat. KUDOS SOUTHWEST!southwest seatingNo more swollen feet by not moving around.

Met flight attendant, Scott from San Diego, when we boarded in Las Vegas for the last leg of our trip to California. He heard me say I found my father through DNA to the gentleman behind me when we boarded. He stopped by our seat after everyone was seated and started talking. He found his bio father through DNA on Ancestry. He beamed while telling us of all the relatives he’s already met and it’s been only three weeks. He was gushing. He even showed us pictures of his grandmother. I’m so glad for him. He said he was going to keep digging so he can learn more. I encouraged him, at least I hope I gave him encouragement.

Landed late in the afternoon at San Jose. Made our way to the hotel then across the street for a California Mexican plate. Or rather we had a taco a piece. I must say the hot sauce had a very good bite!

Until then my friend……………….

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