19 June 2019

Up early and had breakfast in hotel. Bagel, OJ and coffee. No fruit to put in my bag. Bummer!

Called a cab to take us to airport. He took every back road–no traffic and we made it in fifteen! And it was cheaper than last night by five dollars. Last night the gentleman took the freeway.

Since we hurried re-packing, eating, and making sure cab arrived at hotel early enough for LA traffic, we were quite a bit early for our flight. My Sweetheart went looking for Starbucks so I could have my latte before boarding. What a guy! With pipping hot latte in hand hubby and I sat and people watched while idling away our time. Hubby’s number in line was A-1 and I had A-6. We took row three and spread out.

I had window and he had isle. We tried to keep it like that but alas it was a full flight. The Late Bloomer who held up the flight came stumbling onto the plane and took my guy’s seat. Hubby moved over next to me. No problem. So it began!

Door closed and plane pushed back. Our Late Bloomer yelled “They have my passport.”

Flight attendant. “Sir, you don’t need a passport for Hawaii.”

“No, they have my passport.” And with that he grabs his small bag under the seat in front of him and starts rummages through it. “Oh wait, here it is,” as he holds it up for all to see.

Relief floods over the flight attendants face. You heard a loud sigh from all the passengers. Onward! When it was safe for attendants to serve drinks Late Bloomer says he wants two bottles of vodka along with orange juice plus a bottle of water. Bloomer is about 5 foot 7 inches and probably wears a size 34″ pants with maybe a medium shirt. You see where I’m going here?

Hubby had his head back with his eyes closed. Bloomer nudges hubby and tells him about getting robbed in Reno. “They took everything I had. Even my phone.”

My love sat and agreed with the gentleman. My hubby had brought my newest book The Stranger in the Polka Dot Tie, How I Found My Father on the trip so he could read it. Late Bloomer kept rattling about being robbed. He finally put his book in the seat pocket for later, maybe. Stranger Book Cover Final large print

About an hour or so into flight, after the first round of drinks had been served, the flight attendants began handing out snack packs filled with cheese, pretzels, crackers, jellied fruit and mints. Special for trips to Hawaii. southwest food

I tried to close my eyes a few times but wasn’t successful. Hubbs tried too, but Late Bloomer kept up his talking. I could write a book with all the information he was feeding us. Between talking and his drinking we kept shaking our heads in amazement. The flight attendant at last came by with one more bottle of vodka and said. “Listen, Buster, this is it. You are easing up as of now.” She said that so nicely, too. And with a smile.

Last leg of flight and out came the cookies, Pepperidge Farms Milano’s. I had coffee with a shot of Bailey’s. It was that kind of a day. Lo and behold when I asked for coffee and Bailey’s so did Late Bloomer. Go figure.

The few times I’ve flown to Hawaii and the closer we get to land, I am mesmerized by the color of the ocean. It’s so clear and blue. I feel like a little kid trying to watch how big the waves are below the plane. Like you can really tell that high up in the air.

When we landed, unbuckled our seat belts, Late Bloomer shot out of his seat like he’d been shot out of a cannon. He was the first to deplane. Really quite comical. After a five hour flight, waiting in the airport for our flight, getting our luggage off the carousal , listening to our friend, I was ready to check into our hotel, kick off my shoes and get comfy. We checked into the hotel and found the grab and go called Happy’s. Got a salad, stocked up on drinks at the Exchange and headed to our room. THEN I kicked off my shoes and relaxed. Long day but very interesting.

Stay tuned. Until then my friend………………………….




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  1. magpiesatx says:

    Sorry to hear you had to sit next to a “Chatty Cathy” on the plane but what a story! I was immediately transported into the story as it was happening , your description was spot on. At least you got to your hotel and from that point on had a wonderful 2vweeks. Always look forward to reading more about your adventures and anything else you want to share.

  2. It’s a wonder the Late Bloomer could walk off the plane. I’m enjoying your trip.

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