20 Jun 2019

Five a.m. and I heard Mr. “C” getting ready for work. Sunlight peaked through the edges of the curtains. I went back to sleep.

My phone went off several times before 7 a.m. so the last time it did at 6:50 I got up and stayed up. Took a shower, watched some news then made my way down for breakfast. Koko on Kahlia is a buffet in the hotel. So much food and too expensive this morning plus I wasn’t that hungry, so I made my way back to Happy’s, the grab and go near the beach. Coffee and sausage, egg and cheese on English muffin was more than enough. I dumped the coffee quickly, just couldn’t swallow it. Not the best coffee of the trip.

I walked around the building just to see what was what. There were so many tiny white plumeria blooms laying along the sidewalk. Last night one fell right in front of me landing at my feet. I picked it up.hawaii single plumeriaThe sweet smell put a smile on my face.

I made my way back up stairs to the Java Coffee Hut and got my latte–so much better than the coffee at Happy’s plus I bought a Portuguese donut. My aunt, who was born in Hawaii, would make these once in awhile. Wonderful memories flashed before me as I devoured the sugary confectionary. Bless you Aunt of hawaii

That afternoon I wanted to surprise Mr. “C” so I booked a dinner cruise on Saturday for us. I spent the rest of the day catching up with little things I’d been putting off at home for sometime. Note to self: stop pushing things to the side for later!!! In the back of my mind I heard my mother saying those very words when I came home from school with homework.

Hubby came home (to our room) after 6 p.m., changed clothes and we went to BIBA’s, located downstairs in the hotel, for dinner. He had catch of the day and I had Shrimp Scampi, and we shared the salad. He received a dish of Kona Java ice cream for his birthday. He let me sample and I’m hear to tell you it was excellent. I’ll have to look for something similar when we get home.

After our tummies were full we decided to stop by the Exchange on our way back to our room. Hubby bought two pair of shorts. He hasn’t had a new pair in years. Yes, his old pair was a bit ratty. I had been earlier at the store and restocked the drinks in our room plus a sample bottle of Baileys for me. I was going to fix coffee and Baileys (Irish coffee) later. I looked at all the beautiful flowery bags hanging and just couldn’t resist one of them. They were just so pretty!

Turned in by ten p.m. to start all over again.

Until then my friend…………………….




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