Oh my goodness you never know where you are going to find me. A friend in church asked me when I was leaving. I told him we just returned. He said, “I never know if you are coming or going.”

I hadn’t realized I’d been on the move so much but I guess I have. What can I say. I guess that is why my work at home is never done. I have to thank my business partner Judy Sheer Watters for carrying on the baton, Franklin Scribes Consultants. Quilting squares are left in the dust and that is my side job. Still, writing is my first and I must get on with it. For all of you waiting for the sequil to White Moccasins I am finally telling Ginger’s side of the story. Stay tuned it may take me the rest of the year!!white moccasins from cathey's post aug 2019

I just returned from California paying my deepest regards to my son who passed away 8 Aug 2018.steve's grave site aug 2019His headstone should be placed in about six to eight weeks. He is between his great grandfather Oscar Lee Sanders and his uncle Charles Sanders at the Pioneer Memorial Cemetery in San Bernardino, California. RIP Stephen Sanders.

On a lighter note we did have a wonderful get together to celebrate his life. Two daughters were able to have dinner with us on two separate occasions. Angel and her hubby, oldest son, and ourselves went to Steve’s favorite Mexican restaurant. Of course, the one he always went to was closed so we found the next best thing, the restaurant in Riverside. As always the food was excellentsteve's favorite place for mexican aug 2019 andmom and daughter at pepitos aug 2019 mommy and daughter had to get into the picture. You can barley see the guys in the background in the first picture. On the second day Jenn and her family came along with nephew and his wife. Lovely visit.spaghetti factory get together aug 2019All in all the kids saw their cousins and great grandmother plus aunts and friends.

So that is the latest on this end. I will continue my Hawaii trip. Just plugging along folks, just plugging along.

Until then my friend…………………


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