Part Two

Six pm and I hear church bells ringing. I’m sitting in our hotel room trying to play catch up for the day, Killarney Ave hotel in Killarney.

Back to the Blarney Stone. I told myself I was going to kiss the stone. If my brother could do it so could I. And, I was going to do it! Our guide kept telling us it is 100 medieval steps to get to the top. I couldn’t figure out why I had to climb steps to get to the stone but oh well, if Chuck did it I will too. But no one told me the stone was at the top of the castle!

We were advised the steps were very narrow as well as the stairwell so we could get claustrophobic. Which I do get! As I started up the stairs I felt it closing in on me. I concentrated right away by saying “If my brother did it I can too, besides I climbed the stairs at Notra Dame in Paris and those steps were just as steep.” If I could do that I can do it. I forget just then I was twenty years younger in Paris.

I grabbed the rope on one side of the stairwell and pulled myself up holding on to the walls on the opposite side. One step at a time. i can do this. My brother did it. I can do it I put my head down and trudged on—round and round. Finally I was a wee bit out of breath and ducked into one of the openings. People were talking about what floor we were on, the 4th floor, and it was the kitchen. My love was right behind me. I waited till I caught my breath and went back to the spiral steps and began again. Hubby was right behind me. I guess to catch me if I fell. I was in good hands. I grabbed the two inch ropes and pulled myself up. The rope reminded me of the kind you tie off a ship with. One more floor. The young lady two steps before me kept cheering me on saying “You can do it. Come on it’s not so bad, everything is all down once you reach the top.”  Her mother climbed up behind her and just in front of me.

We made it. Out of breath and legs shaking! But, I made it. The line was short and I was up in no time. Now—how was I going to get up because you had to lay down on your back on a large plastic sheet and place your hands on two bars attached to the wall. The gentleman slid me to the rock, my head backwards, oh my goodness, I threw the stone a kiss and he pulled me back towards himself. I got dizzy really quick. Almost fell, but I didn’t. I DID IT!!! YEA ME!!!

Now that I did it let me tell you on the last step out on to the roof it was a quick step from left to right. Yep, I pulled a muscle in my back. I limped back down. So glad to get my feet back on the ground. We headed toward the mill and a hot cappuccino and warm scone.

Back on the bus after running through the mill and spying a beautiful scarf to buy and bundle myself up for the rest of the trip.

Until then my friend………….




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