Part One

Another day and we’re off. The alarm went off at six. I pleaded for more time. My love reset the clock for 6:30 but by 6:15 I kicked the covers off and proclaimed “Well let’s get on with it! I can’t sleep any longer.”

Funny two hotels and neither one had a clock in them. We were using hubby’s phone for our alarm. I guess if you are on vacation who needs a clock much less an alarm to get you up.Ireland in the Killarney National Park house

Did a quick get ready with teeth cleaned, face washed, make-up, and I’m ready to go all by seven. Again we set our luggage outside the door and headed to the small lift. Our hotel was the birthplace home of Thomas Meagher so the lift was not part of the original building.

We were too early for our group to be fed so we sat with others in the sitting room chatting until 7:30, cups of coffee in hand, waiting for the staff to call us. This morning we sat with Ron and Joyce Sullivan, Bob and Paula from Rochester, MN, Li and Sue from Monroe, LA, and last but not least Howard and Mary from Redding, CA. Interesting conversation but so nice to meet each one.

Most of us had the porridge with either Irish whiskey or Baileys Irish Cream in it. Yes, that was different! It was okay but I believe I will take my oatmeal without it on a daily basis.

We perused the table and picked out our sweet treats and cold cheese and meats along with our juices and coffee. Then the wait staff brought our hot plates loaded with cottage fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. I believe we had enough food to last us all day! But, oh, so good.

After breakfast we patted our stuffed tummies and went back to our rooms for our carry on bags, potty stop and headed back down to our carriage with Casper, our driver, waiting to take our luggage and place it on the bus. He has been an amazing driver. Such small spaces and he just wings his way through. Now, off to kiss the Blarney Stone and check out the Woollen Mills and do a wee bit of shopping. My fav!

Watch for part Two. Until then…………….



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