Part Two

We headed inside the Waterford factory for our tour. It was very interesting how they blew the glass then fired it. As each piece went through the factory it was inspected. If it was all right it went into the box, if not it was broken then and there. At the end of the tour we walked around the store. I would have loved to have a piece but at this stage of my life it would be another thing to keep clean. Besides I’d have to carry it home. I know they would ship but, no, it was not on my radar to buy just yet.


Back at the hotel, grabbed our carry on luggage and our keys to our rooms. The lift held three people at a time, including our bags. We rode up with Linda. Linda, hubby and I got off on two where just about everyone else was still mingling about. Down the hall to our left we went to our room where our luggage awaited us by the door. We freshened up, relaxed and managed to make our way back down to the dining hall by 6:30 pm for our dinner.

Elegant looking tables with white linen cloth and place settings awaited us—just like royalty. We sat with Ron and Joyce Sullivan from our church, Howard and Mary from Redding, CA and Li and Sue from Monroe, LA. The meal started with vegetable soup (pureed). I am going to have to find the receipe as it is really good. Hubby and I had the Guiness beef stew. We thought well, that was it in our small bowl, but then the waiters came around dishing out hot green beans, sliced carrots, cottage fried potatoes, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Our choice of a variety of bread slices with butter. Desert was apple blackberry crumble with hot custard. The big treat was hot coffee with whiskey and cream. Plus the receipe on how to make it at home. I’m sold!

What a wonderful end of the day. Weather was a bit miserable, very cold, blustery, and a bit of rain. All in all–nice!

Until then my dear friends…………………

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