Part One

Here we go again. Up at six am, showered, dressed, put luggage outside the door by 7:15 and went downstairs for breakfast. I ordered a latte this morning after spotting the espresso machine. How did I miss that yesterday? Wonderful! Everyone on the bus at 8:30 for our two hour trip to Kilkenny.

A few of us dozed, yes I did. There is something about the hum of the tires, warmth of the sun shinning in the windows, well maybe not a lot of sun, but enough to make the eyes want to close. We arrived at 10:30 and told we were on our own until one. I had spotted a pub and I wanted something hot to drink so we headed back down the road after visiting the loo (English for bathroom.

Landgon’s Bar, and only two tables were occupied when we entered, so we walked around until I spied just the right spot to finally sit down. The waiter brought the menu. No fish and chips were served. We excused ourselves, left and headed back the same way we came. Just before reaching the open air market where our bus was parked, we spotted another pub on Rose Inn St. Very quaint, clean, and quiet.  We went in and sat down. Fish and chips on the list of delectable treats. Ordered and I said, “May I have a shot of Irish whiskey please?” Our beer battered fish was served with a heaping side of French fries, salad and mashed peas.DSC00084When in Ireland, got to taste the flavor of the land. After all it was very chilly outside I’m thinking this may warm me up. Yes, it did at that and so smooth. I asked what kind of whiskey was it. Jameson, my new favorite! Yes, the fish and chips were over the top too!

After our scrumptious lunch we took the small train around the village. Each narrow street wound its way around the buildings as the conductor told us the history of the town. We were blessed as the train was all enclosed and it was trying its best to rain, a lot. It really started coming down, with small sized hail pelting us as we made our way back to the bus and loaded up to continue our trip to Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland. DSC00079

Waterford was plundered by the Vikings back in 800/900. Very strong presence. The River Suis runs through the city. Our tour guide for Waterford will be Jack, the Lad. He met our bus as soon as we pulled up to the factory. We started our walking tour, up one street and down the next, leading us back to our starting point. All the while the freezing wind is blowing like crazy and it is raining off and on. I’m going to be on the look out for a nice warm hat at the next shop! I already had a scarf wrapped around my neck. So glad I invested in it! I actually forgot how cold the North Atlantic wind chill was.


Until then my friends…………………….



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