Oh my but it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. My son’s passing has left a big void in my life. It hasn’t been just that but, with two unexpected trips for him, then taking my hubby on a three-week, planned, road trip, well, all I can say I’m tired. On top of that hubs was called back to work for sixty days. Did I say I was tired?

Needles CA 2018Needles, California. Town hasn’t changed much since the 70’s.

Our trip was wonderful. We did what everyone says they are going to do. We took that unexpected trip off the road because we wanted to see where it was going to lead us. I highly recommend doing that at least once in your life. We stopped to visit children and grands plus my brother and his family. It was all worth the trip and the weather was perfect.                             the bear protector 2018 stockbridge, ma 2018This bear was standing guard in the Berkshires. First time there and I want to go back!

I can’t believe I’ve traveled so much this year. No wonder I haven’t finished my projects. I did go to a wonderful writers conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I love the area. The lake is beautiful and serene. Lake Coeur d'Alene So, all right with all the talk. I’m getting down off the soapbox and get to work. Well, one more thing,  I did sneak a week in there to be with girlfriends for our annual craft get away. I’m learning to quilt. Wish me luck!

Until then my friend……………………

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  1. Enjoyed reading and glad you’re blogging again!

  2. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Terry says:

    Prayers continue for you Sandy as you remember your son.
    You are quite the traveler…it’s good to have you back in our state, though! You are missed when you’re away.
    God bless,

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