It is with a sad heart I write this post today. So much has happened since my last blog but I must get on with life. My first born, my son, passed away on August 8, 2018. My heart aches but I know I will see him again.

Stephen Michael Sanders 6 mos oldThis is Stephen at six months old, my favorite picture of him. I’d entered him in a baby contest at the Grant store. He won second place. His smile was always so sincere and inviting. Those blue eyes twinkled.

A typical boy, getting into trouble, having to wash his mouth out with soap when I heard a few words spouted that were not quite up to par. As he grew older he became my rock. He was always there to help me, no matter what it was I needed. When I wanted to learn how to can he was there cleaning the jars, stirring the pot, and helping me put each jar in the pressure cooker to finish the process.

He rode his Shetland pony out one day with his sister and while I was in the yard doing a few chores the horse came racing in and heading for the barn. No riders! No saddle! I became frantic as I didn’t know where to begin looking. Fortunately by the time I saddled my horse and started out the gate here came Stephen with his sister, walking, carrying the saddle and both as red as a beet; perhaps from the heat, or so I thought. When he told me what they had done I really got concerned. It seems they found a bees nest and decided to stop, get off the horse, and throw rocks at the nest. You know the rest of the story. Only, Stephen had been stung multiple times. He never got sick but from that time on he was highly allergic to bees!

There was football in Junior High School and High School. His rock collection he valued. Steve played the trombone and loved music. In his later years, my pack rack, collected all kinds of musical instruments. Not only was he interested in music he was much like me, wanting to know more about his ancestors. I’d given him most all of his pictures and he treasured them along with pictures other family members gave him. As far as I know he kept them in a suitcase so he could talk about the many pictures and show them off.

I suppose I could go on and on with cute stories, concerning stories, or even sad stories, but no matter how many stories I can sit here and tell they will never bring him back. So to all those who knew him remember the good times you had together. Cherish the time you have with your children. If you are free and near San Bernardino, CA on 6 September 2018 stop by the Highland Baptist Temple for his memorial service.

Rest In Peace, my son. I love you.


Stephen's Memorial Svs

Until then my friend………………….

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