It’s another hot one outside again today. Supposed to be over 100 again! So here I am trying to clean office of unnecessary paper. I started with one of the stacks I was working on when I was trying to figure out who my biological father was. At first, I didn’t recognize any names so I started to tear it in half and toss it. Something told me to wait a minute and really take a good look at it. Oh my goodness, so glad I did. It was my CARR ancestry line.

genealogy pagesgenealogy books

Five hours later I’m still working on it. There is so much information on Ancestry. People have shared their information plus actual documents. What a gold mine. Like I’ve said before I want the paper trail to prove my connection. Now I have another book to put together to sit on my shelf.

When I found my George Carr, who married Elizabeth Oliver, the children were listed. As I went down the list one caught my eye, Mary b. 24 Feb 1651/2, she married James Bailey the first minister in Danvers, Massachusetts. Mary is connected to the Salem witch trials. Mary’s youngest sister, Ann,  married Thomas Putnum. Their youngest daughter, Ann, was one of the most active “afflicted children”. So, now I really need to dig deeper here.

On my BARNES side of the family one of my earliest Barnes’s wife was hung for being a witch. Now to put all of this together, a double connection. The New England Genealogical Historical Society has a book right now they are selling, and it’s all about the Salem Witch Trials. I just might have to invest in it.

Did I also mention my husband and I are related through out Bradstreet line and now it looks like we are related through our Richardson line. All from in and around New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Anyway, back to my CARR history. If all is correct I am a descendent of Sir William Kirkaldy of Grange (10 Baron of Ferniehirst Castle) Carr/Kerr 1542-1655. They came from Scotland. Who knew? He married Mary Ann Clifford 1573-1610. More digging to make sure I’m correct on this. Busy, busy day but worth it.

Until then my friend………….

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