With another writing retreat behind me I am ready to get down to business. I’m still walking on air. I was privileged to study under Brandilyn Collins who writes Seatbelt Suspense. Yes, she is my favorite author. I think I learned a lot and I’m ready to put it to use.

ID and lake 2018

I arrived at her beautiful home in Idaho on a Friday night eager to meet the other eleven ladies I would be sharing my evening with. Dinner was prepared and what better way to relax and have fellowship.

Fantastic Fiction Retreat 2018[10270]

After dinner Brandilyn gave us an overview from her book “Getting Into Character”, which she would be using Friday and Saturday.  I highly recommend the book as I learned there is a lot more that goes into building your characters, not just physical features.

Brandilyn teaching Jun 2018Not only did I learn about in depth building of my characters, I made new writing friends. We all have the same goal, to write the stories buried deep in our minds. Stories we’ve carried around but now we are ready to put them on paper for the world to read. Well that sounds scary, maybe even intimidating. The whole world is ready to read. Letting go of a little bit of ourselves.

Fantistic Fiction with Brandilyn 2018 IILike I said, I’m ready to build my character from the inside out. Brandilyn, thank you for your ministry to help other writers. There are other authors out there that are ready to help a struggling writer. If you are looking for one find out if there is a critique group in your town. The American Christian Fiction Writers is another group to belong to. So many authors willing to help. I could go on and on about different groups and all you have to do is google writing critique groups or Christian writing groups. Guess I’ll get off my soapbox now and start building my protagonist.

Until then my friend…………………..


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  1. Judy Sheer Watters says:

    Great seminar. Was glad to share this time with you, my friend. Now let’s get our BIC and get writing!

  2. Donna Robertson says:

    I am so jealous! She’s one of my favorite writers an an amazing person. So happy for you.

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