So, okay, here it is. I’m busy! Or at least I think I am. I’ve noticed my blog hasn’t been updated since April. What have I been doing?

I finished my memoir and DNA book, or rather I finished it but my editor (I love her and she is correct) said break it out into two books. It will be better. So I laid it aside because I am helping another friend polishing another book “The History of Cibolo”. Funny, I thought I could two things at the same time! After all aren’t women able to multi-task? At this point, no. So, here I am finishing the history book all the way to the end…

If that isn’t enough hubby and I took a wonderful and much needed week in New England. We were supposed to go last year but rescheduled because I went to the unveiling of the historical marker for Indian Kate in Illinois. I really wouldn’t have missed that. I think I’m part of the family now…

Let’s get back to the coast line of Maine. Bar Harbor to be exact. I’ve been wanting to go so hubby took me. I must say we both enjoyed the rocky shore line, the water, and the Trip sailing ship at bar harbor (3)weather was made just for us.

The tallest mountain on the New England coast is Cadillac Mountain. We drove to the top and got out and walked to the highest rock point. I was able to see all the way around the island plus all the islands surrounding Bar Harbor. It was absolutely breath taking.

We also spent some time in the Berkshires. All my life I’ve heard about the Berkshires and now I was here. Staying three nights and four days. Again the weather was perfect. Cold, but perfect. Yes, I had to buy a sweatshirt. That’s just the way it is. I get cold easy.

 Trip the moose and me MEGet a load of my friend here. This was the only Moose I saw, well, except for the chocolate moose at the candy shop in Scarborough, Massachusetts. I bought a box of truffles there. Yummm.

Now I’m a west coast girl and I love my lattes, especially going to the drive up coffee huts. Well look what I found in Ellsworth, Maine. And the latte was great!Trip drive through coffee shop ME (2)

I know I’ve rambled again but I did want to share my trip with everyone. Just to let you know what has been keeping me busy. Today I made more progress on the revisions for the history book. Slowly but surely it will all come together. It is not my timing but God’s timing. See, I’m learning patience too.

Until then my friends…………..

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