My but Christmas is approaching so quickly. I must of blinked but ever so fast for the day is sliding closer and closer. Before you know it the jolly old man will be flying through the sky and delivering all those gifts each and every one of us has requested.

wrapped presents

I’m really behind, as usual. I have my card list handy but no cards available. Not a one purchased. I did get all my devotional books hand delivered and mailed out. Doesn’t that count?

My children are all grown with families of their own. Most of the grands are old enough now they don’t want kiddie toys. They want all the bells and whistles of the technical age. I still look at the cute dolls, dishes, games, and tinker toys. Do kids really play with that now? I have a few great grands, but they live so far away it’s easier to send a check or gift card.

My idea of this year’s Christmas goes like this: Thank you Father for bringing me to this grand ole’ age and being able to still get around as well as I do. Thank you for the ability of being able to help others when I can. Thank you also for Your love and mercy. Thank you for always being there to listen to my complaining, crying, and just listening to my anguish when things are not going like I want them to.

Most of all Lord, Thank You for my most wonderful husband who stands beside me, listens to my concerns, who never puts me down, and is always there for a hug and kiss to make me feel better.hugging my man

Oh Father, thank you for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Never in my wild imagination would I have ever thought my family would grown this large. Sometimes I wished I could get them all together in one spot and fellowship from sun up to sun down. To laugh together and tell stories of old.

One more thing Lord, thank you for my siblings. We don’t get to choose them but I’ve been blessed with the ones I have. Thank you for the many friends you’ve bestowed upon me. I know I can go to them for help if needed and they will be there. Thank you.

I wish I could name each and every one of my friends but you know who you are. You are there when I ask for prayer or even if I just need someone to sit with me. Thank you.

Oh but I’ve gone on and on. I only wanted to say THANK YOU…MY SAUCER IS FULL.

Until then……………..…………..


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  1. Nancy Khan says:

    What a beautiful prayer. You helped me count my blessings too. ♥️

  2. Terry says:

    You’re an encourager, blessing and inspiration!
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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