I do apologize for not updating my blog last week. I really don’t know how the week got away from me and here it is again–time to do my blog again. The weeks must be getting shorter!

Ancestry Ashkenazi Jewish DNAI could tell you I’ve been researching again or I’ve been deep into revisions my book. I do want to get it out. I am finished but then that little voice in my head nudges me saying, “Hey why don’t you add this or that. It would make it a wee bit more interesting to the reader.”

So I do it, and it takes me another week because I need to have it critiqued before I go any further.

The big thing right now is the book cover. I’ve given my specifics to the formatter and I’m waiting to see what it looks like before I go to the next step. Be patient. Oh wait, that’s what I keep telling myself. Anything good takes patience.

On a serious note here, I have been doing more research. It’s amazing what is out there if you only look. I traced my Carr/Kerr lineage back to 1800 where they said they were from Canada. Well, they are not.

Back in the early 1700’s most of New England was considered Massachusetts. Borders kept getting rearranged. My Carr line came from Scotland to the New World and settled in Vermont and Maine. Some moved to Canada and stayed and some came back to Vermont. It gets tricky when you are trying to locate where they ended up.

I was able to find a full lineage on my ancestors on Google Books. Oh my, the information I found was great so I hit the link that took me to Amazon and ordered the book. I wanted this book for my library. After all, this was my ancestor. When I received the book I couldn’t find his name anywhere. So I went back to the Google Book on line and noticed it was Vol. II. I needed Vol I, I thought. So I went back to Amazon and ordered Vol 1. A couple more weeks pass before I received the book. I flipped pages looking for my ancestor. His name wasn’t in the book. By now, I was getting a little bit un-nerved.

So, I went back to Google Books and reallllllyyyyy looked over the web site. There were five volumes—and my ancestor was in Vol IV. I was not going to order another book. I tried and tried to copy what I needed. It wouldn’t let me. Okay, I sat and wrote everything out then put the source at the bottom of the page. Now I had it. Some day I’m going to get better at the computer. There is probably a way to copy just what I need and not have to write it all out.

To make a long story short I have quite a line up of ancestors. Not bad for a person who didn’t even know who her biological father was until a year ago.

There were times when I felt like the young lady in the movie Mama Mia when she said she had three fathers. I could relate…my biological father, the man listed on my birth certificate, and my step-father. My family has grown immensely. I am blessed beyond words.

Must go and finish writing.

Until then my friend……..

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