Looks like we are getting ready for the big storm. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this close to a hurricane or tornado. The wind is a kickin’ and I’ve put everything up that might want to fly around outside.

I’ve settled down at the computer to do some work. By work, I mean genealogy. My mind is a jumble so I thought I’d do research. I love research. Besides I’m trying to put hubby’s French Canadian side of the family down on paper. Or rather in my handy dandy little book I have for each side of the family. genealogy booksAnd I also have pedigree pages for each family member.genealogy pagesI bought these books about fifteen years ago and I keep adding to them. When I travel to do research I carry them with me and add all the new information right then and there. Very convenient and you can buy them from the Genealogy Shop in Seminole, Oklahoma.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of women on his French Canadian side with the name of Marie Marguerite. With so many women with that name how did they tell them apart when they referred to them? Did they have to add their last name too to distinguish them?

When we were in Canada a few weeks ago I made sure we bought maps so I could figure out where each family lived before migrating to America. That has been a challenge also. But, I did it.

Now I need to figure out where the town was one of my ancestors was born in before he moved to Vermont then on to Iowa. I love this detective work!

So my friends, until then…………………………..Keep posted……………………




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