DSC00135I want to talk about cemeteries today. Hubby says I’m a bit off because I can spot a cemetery a mile away even if it is behind trees and shrubs and down an old dirt road. Each cemetery is unique in its self. It has stories to tell.

Cemeteries are interesting. People are residing there that also lived, loved, had families, and probably toiled the ground. Or they at least punched a time card. Each grave is usually marked with a simple flat slab with a name, date of birth and date of death. Some have ornate markers. Period. End of live. They lived–they died.

I’ve walked among the stones at old cemeteries. Some may have a short saying about the person like “here lies John Brown a good and honorable man”. Some may have only a name. I’ve came across this poem at the cemetery my grandfather and aunt are buried in located in Austin, Minnesota.Ancestry tombstone poemIt touched me as the words are so true.

Their DNA cells have passed on down to their children and grandchildren. Their life goes on through them. Maybe one of them have their eyes, nose, or the crocked way they smile.

I go through each day and am blessed to see my children and grandchildren but when I stop my busy life and really look at them I am in wonder. I can see where one has the same shape eyes as their sister or their eyes have that mischievous glint to them that their grandfather’s had.

I may look in the mirror each morning and see my mother’s face but when I look at one of my girls I also see my mother. But I can look at her in another light and see her aunt. Life is mystifying. Or to put it into another content, our God is great. His work is all so grand and lives on and on.

So to sum it all up, yes, I will continue to go to cemeteries and look at the head stones and wonder. What did his person look like, what did they do to earn a living, and did they like to sing or dance? That is when I have to go back to my genealogy and track down a person. The cycle never ends. I will keep trucking on.

So until then my friend…………….


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