DSC00141One of the many older houses located in Cibolo, Texas. Not sure of the date on this one but working on it. I’m working on a lot of things to get this book finished.

I think I mentioned before the book my co-author and I wrote, History of Cibolo, had been finished a few years ago but we’ve gotten together and decided to add to it and have it published by a reputable publisher this time. In the past we put it together ran the copies ourselves, put the cover on it, and that was that. But it has come to our attention that the way Cibolo has grown and some of the older establishments are getting facelifts, we’d like to preserve what we can for everyone to see where and how Cibolo started.

DSC00147 Buildings like this one sitting across from the railroad tracks near Main. (Schlather’s Feed) There’s a lot more to Cibolo besides being a bedroom community sitting next to Schertz and just down the road from San Antonio.

DSC00151Take a look at this old home now overgrown with weeds, vines, and trees. At one time it must have stood stately with it’s brick exterior and windows shining each night with the glow of lights flickering.

So, I’m working like crazy putting all the information into one big book (hopefully a big book), gathering older pictures from a friend willing to help, and still researching some things. My partner is up to her ears in more researching also. If you have any information or pictures you’d like to share you can message me through my blog.

So I must get back to work. Until then my friend……………………..

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