I missed another Thursday but here I am on Friday. With the trip behind me I’m trying to play catch up yet again. It seems like I’m always playing catch up. I kind of let play get in my way, you know, like trips out of town.

My book about DNA is finished but I’m still working on the revisions. I really need to get with it and get it finished, period. The other big project I’m working on is the history of Cibolo. About three years ago I stepped out of the picture on the book but just recently it was placed back in my lap. So after much soul searching and praying I guess I’m supposed to get it published. My friend, who worked very hard at researching a lot of the articles, and I are working together again to it’s end product.

books and penThere is nothing like the feel and smell of a book. A real live book you can hold in your hands and run your fingers down the smooth paper as you get ready to turn the page. A place to put the beautiful bookmark your friend gave you.

I have a Kindle and I’m glad I can keep adding books to it and not have to keep the physical book on my shelves but still, there is nothing like a physical book to look at.

So next week I’m off to still another library to search for more answers to my questions to add to the history. Growing up I don’t remember asking my mother questions like “why” like my children did. But, now that I’m older, wiser, I keep asking that little question “why”.

Today it’s work on my DNA book. So my friends, until then………………….

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