I love looking out my back door at the yard. The neatly trimmed grass, the flowering trees and bushes, and the little hummingbird that has staked out his personal domain in one of my hibiscis treeHe flutters from one hibiscus to another.

red hibiscis       salmon hibiscis On to the scull cap and Esperanza bush. scull cap and esparansa When he’s ready to fly off he stops by the crepe myrtles. lilac crepe myrtle  red crepe myrtle Then the next day he’s back again. You’d think all the flowers would be drained dry, but thanks to our wonderful creator there is more than enough to supply the little creature the next day.

I used to hang cute little feeders on the tree branches so they’d fill up, but a few years ago I noticed I didn’t need them. The flowers were a welcomed filling station and all I have to do is keep everything watered. I think I can do that. And sit on the patio to watch the show.

Since visiting with my brother, the master gardener, I decided to start my own compost pile. I’ll have to keep you posted on that.

So my friends, until then………………….

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