I have an announcement…I can’t contain myself. My second book is finished! Whoo whoo. Happy dance. Arms waving like a wave. Let me refresh your memory, the book is about how I found my biological father through DNA. Now I’m doing revisions and correcting a lot of mistakes. Yes, even though I write, I make boo boos. I’m still wavering on the name though. I like “The Man In The Picture” but maybe it can be “The Man In The Military Uniform”.  I’ve changed the name quite a few times already. Guess I have a little bit of time before it’s ready to go to press. What do you think? I’m thinking of a picture for the front of the book that I want to use. No wonder I can’t concentrate half the time I have too many things running around in my head to make a decision.

books and penWell on to the next project, a sequel to White Moccasins. I can’t get this other character out of my head so I’m ready to tell her story. That character is Ginger, the lady that hired Katie as her housekeeper. Oh, does she ever have a story to tell. Stay tuned folks.

Another project I said “yes” to is a history book on a small town in Texas. I will have a co-author working with me. I’m excited about this one too. I guess I just get excited writing!

Until then my friend…………………


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  1. Great article, Sandy. I look forward to reading your book again after its published. The sequel to White Moccasins and learning more about Ginger sounds good.

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