Here it is the middle of June and it’s already hot! I don’t mean the thermometer is slowing creeping up and up, but it’s already in the 90’s. I’m too old for this heat. Okay I’ll quit griping and look at the bright side. I am healthy, have a beautiful home to stay cool in, and really have all the comforts at my disposal.

I can look out my back door and see the beautiful flowers and trees along with the trimmed grass. What more can I ask pretty

I should be working on the book but alas, I received a match on for a second cousin so I, again, have been chasing rabbits looking through to see how we are related. So glad she had two names that made it easy for me. We share the same grandparents and great grandparents. But, I was able to fill in some more of the gaps. I do love genealogy. Ancestry has added a lot more information to their site so it’s worth looking into if you’re working on your family’s heritage.

I have one ancestor that I’ve hit a brick wall on and that’s the last name of Kidd. It’s been said my grandmother used to kid everyone that we were related to Capt. Kidd, the pirate. I will work on this and get to the bottom of it. My one brother doesn’t call me “the blood hound” for nothing!

So, my mission has been established, work on the book and look for Capt. Kidd.

Until then my friends………………………..

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