My hubby thinks I’ve gone overboard with my lattes. I like lattes. If I could get away with it I’d have at least three to four a day. Now up here in the Northwest there are little drive through coffee shops or huts, whatever you would like to call them. Pink Coffee Hut in Airway Heights 2017Now this one sits not too far down the road from an air field in Airway Heights. How do you like that striking hot pink color. Each little coffee hut has their own personality.

There are quite a few I didn’t get a picture of but I’m sure on my next trip I will have my camera ready before I ask hubby to pull over so I can take a picture. I am so blessed to have a husband that is willing to oblige me when I ask him to do something for me.

My brother even took us out for DQ then drove around so I could spot the coffee huts I wanted to take a picture of. This one is not too far from his house and the one I frequented on several occasions. Yes, my friend, their lattes were GREAT!

slab inn coffee hut post falls 2017When I first took a picture of this one I didn’t realize there was an old boot scootin’ joint behind it. It was called the Slab Inn and one of the places the young GI’s loved to go to.

So this is just a couple of the places I got pictures of but you can believe me when I say I will have more to come.dutch bros coffee haus in post falls 2017


So until then……………………………………

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