Hubby and I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest and could not get over all the different shapes of the drive through coffee huts. I wanted the hubs to stop at every one so I could get a picture of it. Yeah, that didn’t happen, but it has become my quest from here on out.

I love lattes and it is so easy to pull up to the little hut, roll down the window and order.  So keep watching as I really am going to make that a priority.

Ah, the weather is outstanding. Cool. Cool enough that I really need my sweater. Mountains so tall there is still snow on the higher peaks. Beautiful. Does that just make you want to jump in the car and head out?

Okay I tried to add a picture and it is not working very well. Will keep trying.

Until then…….


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  1. Judy Watters says:

    Sounds like fun. And here I am on the opposite end of the US in Massachusetts and then Maine. Cool weather her with a touch of gorgeous! Have fun searching out the coffee huts.

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