Saturday, May 27th is fast approaching and the big book signing for first time authors. Barnes and Nobel has one day a year where they invite first time authors come, talk and sell their books. I’m working on my second book about how I found my biological father through DNA. Even though it’s a true story there is a lot that goes into writing about your self.authors books

Not that there isn’t a lot of hard work that also goes into writing fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, romance, or futuristic novels. Writers want to make sure their facts are true, so consequently there’s hours of research that goes into their story. A lot of computer and library time.

Sandra Lee Cleary reading at senior center 2017The name of my first novel is White Moccasins, the Story of Katie.

So, those of you living in and around San Antonio, please check out the Barnes and Nobel on Isom, from two to four in the afternoon and meet a few new authors. Listen to their stories, and take a look at their book. Maybe even buy one. One for you, or one for a friend.

Until then………………….


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