Another busy week and I’m a day late on my blog. What to talk about today. Well, here it is, Ancestry. It’s always at the top of the list, in the back of my mind, the front, I live and breathe Ancestry and DNA. Ancestry cells and dnaI guess I will be doing that till the very end. I’m still trying to figure out all the markers, dots, and numbers. I’ve bought books on DNA, pamphlets, and gone to classes. And I’m still learning. But, I’ve come a long way.

On Family Tree DNA they’ve redone or rather refined their assessment of my ethnicity and I am no longer Ashkenazi Jewish. Nada, nothing. But on 23andMe I am still Ashkenazi Jewish and on Ancestry I am European Jewish. What happened?? At least I still have Native American DNA!

This week I decided to work on my grandmother’s father’s side of the family, Lyle. I was blessed to find so much information on Ancestry, all the way back to the 1600’s. And most of it was information written in genealogy books. You can bet I have a stack of original forms, wills, and histories. What surprised me was they came from Scotland and went to Ireland before venturing to America in the 1700’s.  Now I am trying to enter everything in the computer so I can put it all together in a book. So much work to be done, but recording your ancestry is a never ending process.

Now I really must get with it and work on the book. I’ve changed the title of it again and now I’m stumped because a friend suggested another name for. I’ve made a list of names and going over ever one. If you think of a name throw it my way, who knows. It’s a true story of how I found my father through DNA. Remember I had no name to begin with.

Untill then…………………………………….




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  1. Alfred W. Bates says:

    Good post, Sandy. Interesting.
    Al Bates

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