OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Well another busy week is coming to an end. I’d like to say I’ve gotten quite a bit of things done but alas, not everything I wanted to accomplish. Maybe my goals are set too high. I keep telling myself I’m getting old and I’m slowing down, a lot! But aren’t we all.

Besides putting mulch down on everything in our back yard, power washing the patio and the deck, hubby and I put together new shelving in the garage….whew! And all done in a week.

And I wonder why I don’t get my writing under control. Well here I sit in my favorite coffee haus drinking my latte and trying to get the blog out (which should have been out yesterday). But, well, a day late again.

I’m working again on genealogy, mine plus the history of Cibolo. The book was finished several years ago but it has been brought to the forefront once again. So, my friend (co-author) and I are working diligently to enhance the book and get it published shortly in a new format, new cover, and new information added.

Ancestry tombstone poem We were out taking pictures of old cemeteries and old houses the other day to add to the book. If anyone knows someone that has some old pictures of Cibolo or information you think the public would like to read about,  please e-mail me and let me know.  I’m putting a time line to the city and it’s surroundings. I love time lines. I’ve done them on my parents and it’s helped me a lot piecing together where they were at certain times. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to figure out where their ancestors lived and moved to. It gives you a much better picture of their lives.

So I guess I should get the show on the road and get to writing. Until then my friend………….



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