My feet are getting itchy. It’s going on the fifth month of the year, May, and I haven’t ventured out anywhere except around my neighborhood. Really, and my bucket list is growing.

Mt RainerThe mountains are calling my name. “Sandie, come to me. Feel the breeze blowing through your hair.”

Okay, so my hair is short and would take a pretty good breeze to blow it. But, I love hearing the wind blow through the trees. To watch the soft gentle sway of the towering tree tops. Just to sit on the porch and watch leaves drop, a squirrel dart from tree to tree, or maybe even a rabbit scamper across the ground.

old farm houseMy bucket list reminds me I need to take a trek through the bad lands of North and South Dakota. My great, great, grandparents lived in Stanley County, South Dakota. My grandfather was the postmaster there for many years. My grandmother is buried on their farm, but alas the farm belongs to another now. If I could just see the land where they lived first in a sod house then in their small one room farm house, maybe walk where they walked. I never knew them as they passed away long before I was born. And to see Mount Rushmore, I can’t forget that. And, if I’m that close to Minnesota, I must go back to my birthplace, dig up more information, then on to Iowa to see relatives.

I have great grandbabies I need to go visit. Two born these last two years. Only they live so far from each other. See this is another one to be checked off on my bucket list.

So many places to go, so little time to do it all. Did I mention finishing the DNA book too? Yes, I do need to get that to the publisher as soon as I can. That means get to writing.

Until then my friends……….

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