Here it is another month, May. May flowers are blooming. pretty flowers

The air is cool and crisp. Well…it’s supposed to be anyway. This past week we’ve been having very muggy days, hot days in fact. Air so think it’s sometimes hard to breathe. Summer is coming way too fast.

So, okay, enough of the weather. And, I’ve been under the weather, so to speak this past week. Bronchitis. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Still Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting on my swing on the back porch jawing about the weather. Did I mention I like my swing? So peaceful. Just like grandma’s swing on her front porch. Anyway, weather, yes, the weather. I’m ready for rain again. Not like the rain Missouri is having this last week. Oh my goodness, floods and more floods. Praying for each and everyone living along the rivers and streams.

Enough of the weather…I was looking at Facebook this last week and saw pictures of my nieces’ children and noticed how much they look like my children. It hit me. I belong to relatives that look like me and my children. I grew up with five brothers and sisters but never really realized I didn’t really look like any of them. Now, when I look at pictures of them I see a family resemblance to their father’s sisters and brothers. Yes, three of the girls, me included, look a lot like our mother, but I don’t feel like I look them. We have the same color of eyes and hair. But, my nose is shaped differently.

Am I being silly here? I don’t think so. I was the odd man out. It never bothered me as I knew I was loved and I belonged. It’s hard to express the feeling though, knowing I favor my brothers and sisters.  That is, my biological father’s side of the family.

Oh my, I’ve rambled on again. Time to work on hubby’s side of the tree. Get my nose out of my side for awhile. Yes, and work on finishing the DNA book.

So until then…………………………..

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