Life with Sandie Lee

What a beautiful day today is, unlike the way yesterday started. I awoke yesterday and padded out to the kitchen to feed my fur babies. Before I opened the pantry to fill their dishes I flipped on the television to see what late breaking news I just had to know about. It wasn’t Good Morning America but the local meteorologist was warning everyone about a tornado situation. It was quite dark outside. This warning was supposed to last till eleven a.m.

I continued to watch as the dogs scarfed up their food. The darker the sky became. This might not be a go to church kind of day for me. I didn’t want to get caught in a nasty downpour or even the tornado they were talking about. So I decided I’d stay home, and since I stayed home I picked up the book I started a couple of nights ago. Oh my goodness I couldn’t put it down once I opened it. It’s been awhile since I got so involved in a story I couldn’t let go.IMG_2221It took me all day but I finished it. Each chapter left me wanting more, and more. The story was a delight, suspenseful, rooting for Ella, booing the bad guy, and above all it’s a love story. A beautiful love story. Linda Brooks Davis I can see why you won the Jerry B. Jenkins award. Good job.

By the way I did go to church, on my iPad. First Baptist Church of Universal City has our pastor, David Lindow, Jr. live streaming and this was the first time I tried it. If needed I will do it again.

Now to get working on the conclusion of my book…Chasing Rabbits. Watch for it. Hopefully it will help someone else who is looking for their biological parents.

Until then…….

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